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Title: London Surrey Krispy Kreme VAG Meet:22/07/17
Post by: MJVR6 on 13 July 2017, 14:00
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Hey all,

The Plan Is To Meet At KrispyKreme's From 19:00 onwards.

We have Guys from all over London/Surrey/Kent/Essex/Hampshire/Sussex who join us.
So If You're From Any Of These Areas And Fancy Joining Us I'm Sure There's Someone You Can Meet & Travel Up With.

If You Know Anyone That Owns Any Form Of VAG Car Who May Enjoy An Evening Chatting Cars, Drinking Coffee And Eating Doughnuts and going for a burger Please Invite Them Too

As Always If It Becomes Too Congested In The CarPark & Its Not Raining We Will Head Over The Road To Dfs Carpark Which Is BIG & Always Empty So You Can Get Your Scene Parking On All You Like

We'll Start Off By Meeting At KK For A Coffee And Chat We'll Then Head Down To The Local Burger Restaurant For A Bite To Eat About 8:30pm
Restaurant Menu Can be Found Here: I'm Currently In The Process O Negotiating A "Meal Deal" For Us 


DATE: SATURDAY 22nd July 2017

**KrispyKreme Details**

TIME: 19:00 Onwards
PLACE: KrispyKreme's New Malden KT3 4NA

Check Out & Follow Our Instagram Page @dubrats For Lots Of Pics From Previous Meets/Shows We've Attended.