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Title: New member, new Mk8 Gti
Post by: Tricky tree on 21 November 2020, 16:32
This is my sixth Gti. I’ve owned two Mk 2 16v’s, a Mk4, a Mk 5 and up until Thursday a Mk 7.5.

My “hot hatch” journey started with an MG Metro and has included a Vauxhall Nova SR, Peugeot 205XS, three 205 Gti’s (one of them a 1.9), a Nissan Almera Gti and a Peugeot 306 XS.

I got my previous 7.5 Gti in 2018 taking advantage of the problems arising from the WLTP regulations. It was red with no options as it was already in the dealers network. I did have the plug and play upgrade dealer fitted, but never got round to upgrading the standard speakers. No problems with the car, except for an horrendous rattle from about 3000 miles which the dealer fixed.

The new car was in response to a call from the dealer as VW have offers on the Gti during November. Again, no choice as the car was in stock. It’s a Dolphin Grey DSG.

First impressions are that it seems sharper and more focused. On the debit side the interior looks like a 1980’s vision of the future. The buttonless set up does work although it’s not that intuitive. It didn’t help that the handover was socially distanced, so no tutorial from the salesperson. With regard to the standard kit, no heated seats but a heated steering wheel seems odd. Surely the seats should still be standard? Trim quality seems on a par with the last car although some euro pinching is evident from the unlined glove box to the bonnet stay. Standard sound system is dull and lacking excitement.

As for the looks, I’m happy. Looks better in the metal than the pictures and the colour suits the car, I think.

I’ll post again when I’ve driven it more and got used to the technology. :shocked:
Title: Re: New member, new Mk8 Gti
Post by: Guzzle on 21 November 2020, 17:52
Hello and welcome  :smiley: