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Golf mk6 engine cut off problem
« on: 19 July 2020, 19:32 »
I'm having a problem with Golf MK6 1.6 TDI CAYC engine code, full history, insurance written off, bought it from an auction flood damage.
When delivered, the car started, drove off the recovery, and made it by itself to the front garden, the car seemed normal.
Did some cleaning and engine bay checks, everything seemed good, connected a computer, some minor errors, nothing major to raise attention, deleted all the faults.

When finished checking and started the car to do a test run, got an oil pressure error (can't remember low or high), and the engine cut off. Tried connecting a computer to check for faults, can't find the car or kept getting connection error, checked the port, power comes, checked fuses, relays everything ok.
Have two faults on the dash when the key is in:
The button for driver assistance system defective,
Brake fault: workshop

At this point, the engine starts for a few seconds and cuts off after,  can hear relay clicking under the steering wheels, and the engine cuts off, like an immobilizer problem. Have two keys, so it doesn't seem like the key is lost.

Had a few car electrics come over, they checked fuses, relays-all good, couldn't connect to the car OBD also.
Send the cluster for check and repair, came back with no faults.

Got a full set from a donor car and changed the cluster, ECU, ignition lock with key, same cut out after a few second engine run, but no faults on the dash when the key is in the ignition.

So at this point, I don't have any idea or direction where to look for the problem. I do understand that after flood damage is tough to look for faults, but maybe somebody had similar issues or had an encounter with flood damage cars and could point me in the right direction for problem-solving.
I did try looking online for similar problems and solutions, but ether the topic is closed with no answer, or the answer doesn't help.

Appreciate any advice, Thanks

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