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Front Lower Suspension Arms
« on: 08 May 2021, 13:42 »
Hi Guys

I’ve got a Golf Mk 5 TDi and I’ve had the lower front suspension arm bushes come up as an advisory on the mot.

I’ve been having a look on the internet and seen some complete arms in flat steel, they also include the ball joints.


Has anyone out there used this type of arm and are they any good, they are for my daughters car which she wants to keep for another two years before getting rid of it, so no they don’t need to last forever and no she does not do any off roading?

I believe the arms are bolt on using stretch bolts, can ordinary high tensile steel bolts be used with Loctite on them?

If the answer, is I should use stretch ones, does anyone know the best place to buy them from or is it a case of main agents at main agent prices?

My thanks to anyone who can help