Author Topic: Help mk2 cylinder head upgrade  (Read 8075 times)

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Help mk2 cylinder head upgrade
« on: 16 January 2016, 18:37 »
Hello guys I'm doing the 2l bottum end conversion in a couple of weeks to my mk2 golf GTI and I'm wondering what else I can do to the head to make it go faster ect more torque ect any help would be great not clued up about engines so I need help I've got an engineering shop just up the road from me that can do a lot of work with engines I think anyway I always take my heads there to get skimmed ect....

Any help would be great

Already got a Kent cam for it so don't need any help with the cam just really porting ect what does it mean/do and bigger vavles and were to get them stuff like this...

I've looked for the last couple weeks on the forums and nothing has answered my questions at all and there years old

Any help would be awesome thanks a lot