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Mk2 golf gti rebuild
« on: 22 November 2015, 13:04 »
Hello everyone I'm Dwayne, I bought my mk2 golf gti allmost 2 years ago And have slowly been upgrading and restoring parts.
She has done 138k miles so far on the 1.8 8v gti engine.

First things I had done within few months:

* Coilovers
* 10mm spaces on rears
* New 15" rim lux axe ex8 wheels in gold.
* K&n panel filter
* Genuine Leather Mk2 seats
* Jetex oval exhaust

After installing coilovers I did have to replace the steering uj as mine was popping whilst I turned witch wasn't cheap as ended up having to buy a genuine unit as a patent part kept failing within a few miles.

Moving on to rebuild and as its a year older than myself I thought it could do with some t.l.c as rust was starting to form in places.

few photos of us taking her apart.

Original plans where just to take the engine out so that the engine bay can be fully sprayed and all rust removed but after taking in to account it being the original engine thought I would tart it up abit with loads of new parts and paint :) stuck a mk3 rocker on it as looks better for sure.

gg engine.

New parts include:

* gaskets for manifolds
* Elring head gasket & head bolts
* Timing belt and water pump
* Sachs clutch kit
* Stainless steel Engine dress up bolts
* All engine mount bolts
* Samco coolant hose kit
* Aluminium light weight radiator
* Universal 12" fan
* Power spark Distributor
* Ht leads
* K&N oil filter
* NGK spark plugs

The new Bottom end was cleaned and sprayed as was the original 1.8 head even the gearbox got a clean and quick lick of paint


The car is currently being sprayed and should have it back sometime this week
This is a picture alfter new rear quarter panel was fitted and had new fuel cap square replaced with new panel

This is 2 photos of both side front wings be replaced with new ones.

Few photos off underseal rust resistant.

Pictures of my mk2 being preped for spraying.

Got a video far.

Here we go fresh paint!!

New little more update complete just gotta black restore rear bumper.


Thanks for looking
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Re: Mk2 golf gti complete rebuild
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Re: Mk2 golf gti rebuild
« Reply #2 on: 18 December 2015, 23:27 »
its looking good man :smiley:

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Re: Mk2 golf gti rebuild
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Cheers buddy

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Re: Mk2 golf gti rebuild
« Reply #4 on: 25 February 2016, 18:25 »
no updates atm as I'm struggling to get engine sorted L:(