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mk2 inst cluster
« on: 23 July 2020, 11:17 »
Hi All
Been doing some work on the inst cluster and  the TACHO  ive drawn out the blue flexi pcb circuit and  the connections to the  main rear 28 pin plug which may help others..Note if you remove the main pcb from the flexi then it wont work as there is a NEG supply interlock provided by the main pcb you have to link out the 2 pins if you want to work on the flexi blue pcb see drawing
ill be drawing out the tach circuit soon  to modify it for  seat  engine conv as weve done that  and only thing is the tacho  that needs attention ive plenty of KEFA635 ics to work with  will update   when i know more.
Updated   new tacho circuit diagrams of pcb work in progress
 seems  VDO chip can control tach    calibration settings as vdo chip connects to KAFA config pins
 basicly signal comes in via 100k  and 6,9k to ground and into TR2 then via 12k into pin 13 other stuff attatched but thats the basic signal path.....

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Re: mk2 inst cluster
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Thanks for sharing