Author Topic: engine fault in diesel engine  (Read 9028 times)

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engine fault in diesel engine
« on: 25 September 2015, 14:01 »
I have a 59reg 2ltr diesel, every now and then when I'm accelerating normally in 3rd or 4th gear the engine will reduce power,a flashing symbol ( glow plug light) and a message( engine fault workshop) will appear. Also exhaust gas warning light is on. If ignition is turned off it resets itself. I have had diagnostic check but it not showing anything because fault never seems to happen at a time when I can take it to a garage. If anyone has had simular can they please tell me what it was . Thanks

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Re: engine fault in diesel engine
« Reply #1 on: 29 September 2015, 17:43 »
Get fault codes checked with a proper VW specific interface.
If light flashes a fault is stored.
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Re: engine fault in diesel engine
« Reply #2 on: 03 October 2015, 18:09 »
Sticky vanes, very common in variable vane turbos
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Re: engine fault in diesel engine
« Reply #3 on: 11 November 2015, 18:32 »
I also have a 59 2.0 Diesel and had the same problem (although not the exhaust gas warning light).  I think that the reduction of power and engine fault workshop message is just a "limp" mode to protect the engine against over revving when a fault occurs.  VW diagnostics pointed towards a problem with the turbo actuator valve which I had replaced which has eliminated the problem.