Author Topic: Review of Carbon Chip Tuning Remap on Mk6 GTD  (Read 8981 times)

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Review of Carbon Chip Tuning Remap on Mk6 GTD
« on: 24 September 2014, 02:16 »
A fortnight ago now I had arranged for Nick to come and remap my GTD.

On his arrival, we had a brief chat, made a brew and it was time for Nick to do his stuff, he had no problems with me watching him work, welcomed it in fact and also answered any questions I had. He does like a chat! I think we put most of the world to rights on my driveway that afternoon.

About 90 minutes later it was time for the 'drive before you pay' test drive, I didn't go far, only very locally and nowhere I could push above 50mph really, but the initial difference was night and day. So much more responsive. I tried to bluff Nick when I got back saying I couldn't notice a difference, he was shocked and was about to start his work again when I told him I was joking.

Having run the re-map for nearly 3 weeks now I have to say I am really pleased with it. I've never had a car re-mapped before so I had my reservations but I neededn't have worried. Its so much more responsive on the throttle, its obvious that there is more power, it rev's so much more freely, the power band is longer and wider, and its quicker, its a pleasure to drive now. From a standing start through 1st and 2nd the tyre's are fighting to get traction, have to be careful with that as it'll end up costing me money! In gear, on the motorway overtaking is fun and effortless. If you really really gun it there is still the tiniest bit of lag/no boost when changing gear very quickly, but its much shorter than it used to be and the pick up again is there in next to no-time.

I've not done any timed runs, I have no real need to, its vastly improved the driving experience for me, that for me is enough. It almost drives like a petrol now. On the subject of fuel, no difference at all, certainly no less economical and maybe a tiny bit more, that may improve as I have been hooning it around a fair bit recently.

I've not had it on the rolling road, again I discussed this with Nick prior to having the work done, he said I'd get exactly the same results with or without a rolling road and encouraged me to save my money. From Nicks own development work on the map it will now be running around 203bhp and 335-340lb/ft. That's a 20% increase in bhp and a 30% increase in torque.

Nick also did some tweaks in VCDS for me, at no extra cost.

In summary, if you have any doubts, don't worry. I had never heard of Carbon Chip Tuning before doing my research both on here and on Pistonheads, but would have no hesitation in recommending them to anyone else.

Wish I'd had it done sooner!
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Re: Review of Carbon Chip Tuning Remap on Mk6 GTD
« Reply #1 on: 19 October 2014, 22:11 »
Interesting read. I will be looking into remapping my 140 in the future, and that would be my first car I will have mapped. So its nice to hear a positive review from a first timer.

Seems all round you have got exactly what you wanted from the remap.

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Re: Review of Carbon Chip Tuning Remap on Mk6 GTD
« Reply #2 on: 29 December 2014, 13:10 »
Badger, do you mind if I ask how much this cost you and did your insurance go up as a result of this mod? if so, how much more?

I'm thinking of doing this and this will be my first time too. How does it work regarding warranty and servicing?

Sorry for so many questions mate
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