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AUM no boost
« on: 11 November 2020, 22:17 »
Hi, bought my first mk4 golf start of september but only insured it 3 weeks ago, been driving fine till about 1 and a half weeks ago until i got in the car and it stopped boosting. It feels like it pulls fine then the boost cuts out, i checked the wastegate and it felt seized as i couldnt open it by hand, bit of wd40 and i managed to free it up but the issue still hasnt been resolved. i've read on a forum that its the failsafe system for the wastegate/actuator where it cuts all boost. Not sure how i go around fixing that or if its not the issue?
Just want to know if anyone else had these symptoms and found the fault,
also the car runs and drives perfectly fine.
left pic is the first time i read the codes, cleared and none came up. second time was today as i changed my exhaust and the eml came up for the lambda
Thanks, vad