Author Topic: Mk6 Is It Remapped..?  (Read 4393 times)

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Mk6 Is It Remapped..?
« on: 23 March 2019, 14:09 »

This is random but I don’t know if my Mk6 GTI is remapped or not. I don’t want to book in at Revo in Exeter and take a day off work to do so to find out it’s mapped.

Are there any tell tail signs? I’ve come from a 150BHP TDI Golf so I have no way of comparing power wise.


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Re: Mk6 Is It Remapped..?
« Reply #1 on: 31 January 2020, 14:47 »
Let's have a think.... you could:

Ask an expert remap outfit to read back the current map and look for details.

Find someone with the same vehicle that they know either is or isn't definitely mapped and have a comparison drive.

You could measure some acceleration times to see if the vehicle appears stock.
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