Author Topic: The MK4 Remap Review Thread.  (Read 35024 times)

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The MK4 Remap Review Thread.
« on: 06 November 2011, 17:42 »
Borrowed from Hurdy in the MK5 section  :wink:

Please do not post unless you are giving a review. If you want to reply to someone either do it by PM or in the general MK4 section.

State the car model - GTI, TDI, R32,etc.

State Type of remap

State before and/or after dyno charts.

State pro's and cons

State any other mods which may/do have a performance benefit to add to the remap.

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Re: The MK4 Remap Review Thread.
« Reply #1 on: 06 November 2011, 18:00 »
1.8T AGU

Custom Code phase 1

Before 152 bhp


Performance Mods include Full turbo back, exhaust DSG intake,Forge 007p.

Pros Very smooth Makes the car as it should have been from the factory it pulls all the way to the red line. Make overtaking easy in most gears

Cons: Low down instant kick makes it feel quicker than it is IMO. Overpriced compared to other tuners maps.

Overall it is a brilliant map and still puts a smile on my face every time  :evil: Ive had this map for about 4 years with no problems at all.

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Re: The MK4 Remap Review Thread.
« Reply #2 on: 06 November 2011, 22:51 »
1.8T AGU

R-Tech Custom Stage 2 map

Before 165bhp

After 225bhp 256lb/ft

Performance mods - Full s/steel Blueflame exhaust with custom discreet tailpipes, 2.5" decat, K03s turbo, Forge actuator with yellow spring, Forge 007p, THS TIP, Green Cotton panel filter, R32 DSG intake parts, Turborevs SMIC, THS PCR pipe

Pros - completely changed the boring drive of the standard setup and the car is quite happy to potter around the island as it is at full chat on the motorways. Excellent after care service too.

Cons - I am now addicted to eking more power from the setup I have so spending more money!

Overall I love the R-Tech map and wish I lived over the water so I could use the full potential a bit more often

1999 1.8T: R-Tech remap - 225bhp/256lb/ft : K03s : THS FMIC : THS PCR pipe : 2.5" stainless exhaust : THS FR3 Engine mounts : G60/VR6 clutch : Calibra Yellow injectors : VR6 MAF : Devils Own WMI : Forge 007p : Carbonio CAI : Leon Cupra R Brembos : FK AK Street coilovers : Votex skirts : Anniversary front : click --->

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Re: The MK4 Remap Review Thread.
« Reply #3 on: 06 November 2011, 22:59 »
1.8t Aum
R-tech stage 2

Before 150bhp i assume LOL

After 230bhp ( not got graph uploaded) with following performance mods :

Full milltek turbo back with sports cat exhaust
Forge turbo intake pipe ( tip )
Forge 007p dump valve with yellow spring
Carbonio cold air intake
N249 removed and bypassed
Pcv system junked and catch can fitted
Spark plugs changed LOL but forgot what I got LOL. Colder ones tho  

Pros. Every gti turbo should of came out the factory like this LOL

Cons . Petrol consumption when booting it LOL and likes a coilpack or two LOL although new revised ones free from vw see to be holding up  :lipsrsealed:

Really happy with my map and the feel of the car a real gti
Gone but still keeping a close eye on it...

Mk4 golf 1.8t AUM Hybrid K03s. Custom Mapped by R-tech to 260bhp. CR hybrid turbo Audi TT injectors / fuel pump, Forge tip,THS FMIC,Carbonio CAI, Full milltek turbo back, N249 bypass, Fully poly bushed, Weitec coils. Genuine R32 front bumper and Genuine R-line rear, Genuine Porsche twists, Anniversary black interior.


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Re: The MK4 Remap Review Thread.
« Reply #4 on: 19 November 2011, 17:26 »
1.8t agu
r-tech k03s custom
ebay silicone tip
standard actuator
forge 007p / yellow spring
toyosports 2.5" catback
2.5" decat.
piperx panel filter w/smoothed airbox and enlarged intake.
old fuel filter clogged looks like its been there from day one..
std fuel pump

pro`s : very happy with the service, nice smooth power delivery, could have been better if i had give better preperation (fuel pump/filter.

con`s : for me its the distance to travel, though still worth every penny and minute..

i went in with 212bhp/217lbft tq on stage 1 generic k03 map
came out with 224bhp/244lbft tq stage 2 custom..
will be going back next year once i have a new turbo as all the prep work has been done.  :wink: hoping to see at least 260bhp
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Re: The MK4 Remap Review Thread.
« Reply #5 on: 11 December 2011, 22:18 »
Mk4 TD GTi Aniiversary - Remap and EGR Delete at R-Tech

HP 159 improved to 191

Torque 241 improved to 315

Everything I have read (that's positive) about the guys at R-Tech is true. They were very welcoming and I soon got into conversation with them and later a fellow customer having his Passat sorted. They swiftly fitted the Allard EGR delet kit they advised me to buy and were soon testing the car which proved to have nearer to 160 BHP as they predicted. Then there was a bit of a hiatus as their laptop did its witchcraft followed by a full power run. I was prepared for the horendous noise but it still sounded like they were Kamikaze dive bombing at full chat!

A quick blast up the road confirmed their figure of 191 bhp must be true. I was gettig torque steer in 4th at 2500 rpm! The power delivery was much smoother coming in at 1500 rpm and carrying on all the way round to the red line. As the week has gone on the car seems to have got even better and I reckon I am getting about 5 mpg improvement. The only downside is a bit of smoke if I am really caning it. I can live with that, but to be honest I have rarely needed full throttle as there is so much torque throughout the range.

Once back from the test drive I happily settled up and had an enjoyable 75 mile drive home with the power graphs in my pocket and enjoying the excellent toque in 6th at 60+ mph.

Whilst checking the car over, they noted that the intercooler pipe seals needed replacing, the water temp sender was on the blink and they refixed the broken undertray onto the car for me. They also checked that the tubo vanes were operating freely and gave it a clean (well for 60K miles) bill of health.

Would I recommend a remap? Without question. Would I recommend R-Tech? Absolutely!

I have noticed more smoke on strt up and on full throttle, but double dosing with Millers Diesel Eco Max has cleaned that up almost completely.

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Re: The MK4 Remap Review Thread.
« Reply #6 on: 10 February 2012, 18:57 »
1.8T AGU

R-Tech Custom Stage 1 map

Before 155hp/160ft lbs of

After 188hp/221ft lbs of torque

standard car

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Re: The MK4 Remap Review Thread.
« Reply #7 on: 18 June 2012, 12:55 »
'03 1.8t AUQ

R-tech Live custom Stage 2

Before 180bhp 173lbs-ft Factory Map

After 231bhp & 258 lbs-ft :cool:


* 2003 AUQ180
*87k miles
* Momentum 99' RON fuel
*CRAFT '42  3" turbo back non res exhaust system
*FORGE actuator yellow spring
*Crappy Ebay recirc valve
*PCV simplified - oil catch can
*N249 valve delete


Pros. Absolutely transformed the car, alot easier to drive in all gears (you can drive it like a diesel and get away with it) and it will go like a rocket on request

Cons . None what so ever, wanting more power  :laugh:

Bearing in mind my set up was maxxed out to 231 bhp & 25lbs-ft due to 1.75" intercooler pipework restricting flow, Leaking turbo-manifold gasket & Blocked air filter. Im going back once the above is complete to easily achieve + 10-15bhp = lbs-ft more  :wink:

          2003 1.8T: R-tech Live Cutom Stage 2 remap: N249 Bypass : Forge T.I.P : Forge 007p  : Forge Actuator, yellow spring : Toyosports F.M.I.C : Toyosports C.A.I :                                                                   PCV simplified - oil catch can : 42' Draft 3" turbo back non res exhaust system : Devils own W.M.I : 231bhp & 258lbs-ft

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Re: The MK4 Remap Review Thread.
« Reply #8 on: 18 June 2012, 14:36 »
Awsome news mate. I need to fit my K03s I think  :cool:
1.6-1.8t AGU K03s, Forge actuator, Forge 007p, turbo back exhuast, Ths front mount, Catch can, 5 piece silicone boost pipes and creation sports tip. Stage 2 atm 232bhp 270lbs. Waiting for custom mapping :-)

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Re: The MK4 Remap Review Thread.
« Reply #9 on: 07 October 2013, 07:33 »
AGU 1.8t stock

153bhp and 166lbft

R-Tech stage 1 gave 182bhp and 228lbft.

Completely transformed the car - difference is huge.