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Multifunction Steering Wheel retrofit/upgrade
« on: 22 July 2023, 19:30 »
Hello everyone, my first post here. So I'm planning to do a complete overhaul of my rust-ridden, barebones 2004 VW Golf MK5 into basically an intergalactic, time-travelling spaceship. One of the mods on my list (a multifunction steering wheel) has completely gotten me halted.
The more I learn about the processes of installing such a wheel, the less it seems I understand the entire process. To clarify, I am completely clueless when it comes to cars so that doesn't help either innit. Anyway, I have come to the conclusion that I have two options when it comes to this whole ordeal, I can either do a retrofit (to try to install Golf MK7 steering wheel and all the modules/airbags that it would need to function) or I could try to not shoot for the stars and just get a multifunction steering wheel and the correct module for it and call it a day. However, the issue with the latter is that I feel like at some point down the line, I'll just say "f**k it" and try to retrofit anyway. That's it for the idea and the dilemma
Now, if I were to do the easier option of the two, I would only need two parts: the steering wheel and the correct steering wheel control module. That seems like it should be the easy part, but I cannot, for the life of me, figure out what is the difference between the highline control modules, do certain ones only work with certain steering wheels, or do the cheaper ones come with less options/features? So for example, I've found a steering control module with the OEM code "1K0-953-549-AC" which is only about 65 EUR, but the control mode I've seen everyone around recommend is the "1K0-953-549-CH" which retails for about 2-3 times more where I live. The Ross Tech wiki has some explanations about these but nothing conclusive for a newbie like me, could anyone explain the difference between those? They're both the "highline" versions and they are both compatible with automatic transmission Golfs. Makes no sense and this is the *easier* version for me :grin:

Now for the raid boss version of this mod, I could go for the MK7 Golf multifunction steering wheel retrofit, but from what I've heard it's quite the ride to opt for this. However, I am not deterred and I would love to give it a good ol' crack at it. One thing I couldn't seem to find was detailed instructions about what parts I would need. Would I have to get one of the steering wheel control modules that start with "1K0" or would I have to go for one of the MK7 modules that start with "5K0"?
And in general, what parts would I need? The steering wheel itself (obviously), a control module (not sure which one), and a MK7 airbag. But I've also seen people say, quite often too, that it is extremely difficult, some even said impossible, to get the LEDs on the steering wheel to work, how much truth is there to that?

I've been trying to wrap my small brain around all these myself for the past week but I just can't :grin: So I've decided to seek refuge here! Sorry for the absolute dissertation of a post too :D