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german plates!
« on: 04 January 2006, 17:56 »
as this seems to be a common type of question hopefully this will help.

german plates are illegal on british cars. you might well get away with them as so many other people with other types of fonts do but at the end of the day they are illegal and if you do get stopped you could be facing an on the spot fine of £60. also if you have a personalised number plate with funny spacings etc to make it look like another word the police will be able to actually take that reg from you.
in germany they run white plates front and back however you can get yellow plates for the rear from other places. its up to you if you decide to run them on a daily basis but its wise to have a second set of 'normal' plates just in case you do get stopped.
it has also been made public by dubmeister that in the very near future the DVLA are cracking down on non standard plates. this is partly due to numberplate recognition cameras not being able to read the plates. this is especially true in london for the congestion charges etc but as expected it also makes it hard for big brother to watch us. which is probably the reason for the crackdown.

regardless they look cool (if a bit too popular now)

places to buy them from:

i'm sure there are others, if you know of any pm me and i'll add them to the list.

edit: while your at it get some trick branded numberplate frames from the lovely site store!

for those that don't believe the illegal thing... i got busted!

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