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Aborted-safety reasons
« on: 06 May 2022, 17:32 »
Hi everyone I decided to go the IS38 route with my Mk7 GTI pp and as far as install of parts went, all was smooth sailing, IHI IS38 complete, mahoosive intercooler, De-Cat downpipe and stage 2.5 map from Mountune, once the turbo was fitted we altered the wastegate actuation nut to gain a voltage between 3.3v and 3.9v, using VCDS we monitored live changes and achieved 3.59v pretty easily, problem comes when you go for adaption or acceptance from the car and it kept aborting for safety reasons, some say this needs to be done running so finished installation of parts, took a slow trip around the block for 20 mins and tried again, still aborting, so far we have not been able to get the adaption done even after making adjustments for a lower or higher voltage (that was fun with the exhaust on and some welders full length gloves) Has anyone had this problem and solved it ?? If so How? this is so frustrating and when we tried giving it a proper caning it over-boosted and limited injectors at high revs, we have tried the old IS20 actuator that we took off with old turbo and now gone back to the Mahle IS38 one but all results the same any feedback will help thanks and regards Steve