Author Topic: Lemskis passat and the misses a4  (Read 15281 times)

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Lemskis passat and the misses a4
« on: 13 September 2016, 11:28 »
Hello, as theres not alot going on with the mk2 at the moment I thought id put the daily up and the misses pride and joy.

Firstly ill put the specs up and ill upload some pictures later.

So the passat.
2001 tdi sport 130bhp
Half leather half alcatra seats
6 discs changer
Cruise control
Heated seat
Heated mirrors

Quite a nice estate car. Got plans as using it as the work representative car so things will progress. Got to wrap some parts later. More on that in a bit

2nd the a4
1998 v6 tdi,
Middle box deleted to a twin backbox
Front mount intercooler
Some old school Oz wheels I beleive
A wrecked interior that will be getting worked on soon

Oh and its chipped, apparently to 190bhp, goes well. Does however need the cams replacing so its been pulled of the road for now.
But the misses wont sell it so looks like im going to jave to fix it  :grin: :grin:

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Re: Lemskis passat and the misses a4
« Reply #1 on: 18 September 2016, 20:11 »
Finally pictures.
1St the a4

Ignore the wheels, Obvously there from the passat.

Now the passat

Its a passat. But I have been getting it more presentable

Wrapped the back badge in carbon fibre
Cleaned the car out

Wrapped the front badge, grille inserts and grille surround.

Thats the other day sorted now for todays antics. As the passat is going to be the work horse I thought id sort the name out on the baxk. And get rid of the badges either side of the vw emblem

That is all peeps

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Re: Lemskis passat and the misses a4
« Reply #2 on: 17 October 2016, 13:15 »
No pictures on this update be ause it was a boring fault finding experience.
Its never started very well... The a4 that is. Since weve owned it.

Anyway went to swap the glow plugs and the look brand new. Pulled one out and checked only to find working perfectly but was covered in soot.

So checked tje relay and fuse... All good.

Then I thought about the temp sensor. I remebered its never read right on the gauge so unpllugged it to find the glow plug light stay on for much longer.
Span the car over until the air was out the new diesel filter amd she fired up spot on.

So am happy enough to move onto the abs fault that from what I have read is because ots got the wrong pump on it and things the rear right sensor isnt plugged in.

Later ill swap the wheels back over ready for a mot hopefully next week. Also hopefully it doesnt fail on anything big....

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Re: Lemskis passat and the misses a4
« Reply #3 on: 23 November 2016, 16:38 »
It failed on nearly every single front arm... Amazing since it drove fairly nice.

So a quick rundown of pictures for the mot.

I will say all the bolts came out no problem which for a b5 is fairly amazing

So on the bench for the top one

And new one.

All together.

Both sides were done. But it was getting later and darker so just cracked on

So moted driving round and the power steering pump front seal goes. I thought itll be alright. Itll last...

Well it didnt so new pump to go in.
Only got a picture of the pulley as i found an intresting thing about by intercooler pipe.

And the interesting pipe....

So i decided that the bigger intercooler should go on and also i had to weld that hole up. Which i did. Its not pretty but itll do til a get a new pipe for the a4.

So the intercooler (needs centering but as i say pipework needs sorting out again)

And finally!!!
Popped the cooler line on the power steering today.
Ordered a new one but while i wait used a pit of fuel hose so its usable.
Turns out that the pipe was touching the floor so the new one will be bent into shape to sit in front of the intercooler.

After that i was looking at the a4 front and i didnt quite like the black that was flacking with the chrome showing through. Eventually a rs4 grille will go on but until then i had a little carbon wrap left so... Obvously wrapped it

So finally the passat got some lemski time. The thermostat was stuck parcially open and the misses was starting to complain that i had the stat but hadnt fitted it. So in between the golf and the a4 a quickly put that in. No picture because its such a quick job i never got the camera out.

It does need glow plugs so thats next.

Oh almost forgot while im driving the a4 it has some bucket seats in it because the old seats where shot. The misses hates them i dont. So there probally ending up in the golf when i find replacements for the a4.

Until next time chow!!

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Re: Lemskis passat and the misses a4
« Reply #4 on: 27 November 2016, 18:47 »
Had a terrible time with that pesky a4....
Bost pipes poppi g off everywhere. I suppose when you weld a hole up you fi d the weak points. So cracked the welder out after limping it home thursday night. Now all is sorted.

Coming home friday and left headlight playing silly buggers. Had to re earth it as the connection had split..
Now thats all good.

Misses keeps sayi g its better to sort the problems before she starts driving it. Haha

Anyway heres a pic of it now it loools fairly good. Just a new bumper on the front left to get and mybe a s4 rear

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Re: Lemskis passat and the misses a4
« Reply #5 on: 01 February 2017, 20:39 »
Well. It has been a bad day on the a4 front.
Ive been chasing a fuel leak for ages.
Its broke down and been put on a trailer where my intercooler ended up in 2 pieces.
Front bumpers in 2 pieces.
Isorted all this before christmas and have been using it and giving it a sniff of easy start when it didnt want to go.

Yesterday i took delivery of a a6 v6tdi as its a low mileage engine for the a4.
Golf to finish 1st.
Also leather seats and stuff can go in a4. Makes it more misses friendly as she is still not a fan of the corbeau bucket seats (dont k ow why, they do me fine).
Anyway on a spirited drive home from the yard today i looked in the mirrow to see sparks exiting my exhaust. Burning carbon or something) thought nothing of it... Stopped at the traffic light to see all around the car in smome.
At this point i decided he was a gonna so drove on... It made it home but its breathing like theres no tommorow. Im pretty sure ive done some piston rings in or something.
Good job for the a6 though...

On passat news i sorted the intercooler and it continues to be excellent at its job. Just roll bar links to do
Amzingly enough i will report tommorow on the a4 just how broke it may be

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Re: Lemskis passat and the misses a4
« Reply #6 on: 02 February 2017, 03:34 »
Excellent...will enjoy reading this
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Re: Lemskis passat and the misses a4
« Reply #7 on: 29 May 2017, 13:25 »
A4 went on until the engine was removed. The a5 engine sits in. No pictures as ive been focussed on mk2.
Passat has just failed mot on suprise suprise all the suspension arms on the front. Awaiting the parts to arrive. Also fitted some nee front discs and pads after the misses was complaining about the pad light being on.

A6 is scrapped. I decided i wanted to put the a6 dash in the a4. Turned into a massive haedache so gave up with it. But i did install the a6 clocks as i prefered them.

Then a6 engine loom and ecu was used because its obd mapable and it means my mate can custom map it instead of a chip jobby like the a4 previously had.

Also means unfortunately that i have to rewire and make a loom. Only advantage i can see is if i ever want a 3litre v6 tdi ill already have done what i need canbus wise to allow the wiring to not be overly difficult.

Mileage on a4 when it parked up.

Clocks in the a4 from the a6. So much better

Working clocks. Just need to do engine wiring so warning lights are gone

Subaru seat welded in To replace bucket seats. Misses didnt like the grey leather of the a6.

Front on with a6 engine in. Intercooler pipework being sorted...

All sprayed black

All fitted up.
The otherday i decided i didnt like how ive done it though and would like to fit a bumper with grilles. So its already changine. Once the bumpers on then ill picture it and move back onto the wiring.
I hate wiring