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Fitting S2T paddle shifters
« on: 21 November 2015, 14:32 »
S2T paddle shifters – installation guide.

I used B3 style S2T shifters but the process is the same for any of their Mk7 shifters.  The official installation guide advises disconnecting the battery and pulling the airbag fuse but this is not necessary.

Turn the steering wheel upside down for easier access - Fig 1.  Locate the plastic pin which holds the oem plastic paddle on - Fig 2. Using a pair of slim long nose pliers, gently pull the pin out all the way and put somewhere safe until later - Fig 3.  The pins comes out easily - Fig 4 & 5.  Once removed, pull the paddle casing off, it should pull easily from the housing - Fig 6 & 7. 

Fig 1

Fig 2

Fig 3

Fig 4

Fig 5

Fig 6

Fig 7

Making sure you have the correct left or right paddle shifter to hand (remember the wheel is upside down), line up the new shifter and locate it into the plastic paddle housing still attached to the back of the steering wheel (it can only go into the plastic paddle housing one way). The left edge of the new shifter, clips into the left side of the housing where the 2 little silver metal prongs are (in front of the 2 rubber stops) where the arrow is pointing in Fig 8 below.  Hooking the edge of the new paddle under the prongs will ensure the paddles has its spring return.  Once hooked in push the rest shifter into place - Fig 9.  Once the new shifter is seated correctly the holes at the top and bottom (where the plastic pin needs to go back through) will line up and the paddle will ‘spring’ back and forth when pushed, test it does this - Fig 10.  Once seated correctly, with the holes lined up, re-insert the plastic pin you removed earlier and ensure it is pushed in all the way - Fig 11.  You may need to use the tip of the pliers to push it in to its fullest extent.

Fig 8

Fig 9

Fig 10

Fig 11

And that’s it!  All done.

The result.



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Re: Fitting S2T paddle shifters
« Reply #1 on: 15 March 2018, 10:05 »
Nice write up Booth, I have just fitted a pair of these and found it easier to just turn the wheel a 1/4 turn and access the pins and paddles from the side with the drivers door open