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Yay...She’s Here 😎

Well after 58 days or 8 weeks she’s arrived.

She was ordered on 10th Jan and if it wasn’t for the recall delay she would off been collect sooner.

I collected her at 9.30am on Sunday 8th.

R-Line Tech 2.0 DSG 2WD
Factory Options - Leather with Rear Heated Seats
Dealer Options - Running Boards - Gloss Black Mirrors - Tints

I’ve bought a few things already for her which are.
Pedal Box - Done ✅
LED Bulbs for Fogs
LED Boot Light - Done ✅
Carista For Settings - Done ✅
R-Line Mats
Maxton Design Rear Spoiler add- on - Done today but no pics yet ✅

The pedal box has already been fitted.

Yes I’ve lost some power compared to the GTD but what it lacks in power it gains in space and that’s really what we needed as a family.

My kids absolutely love it but it’s strictly NO FOOD!! in the car.

That rule doesn’t last forever mind but it’s in place for a bit.

Anyways that’s enough of me rambling, here she is.

Collected 1st March 17 - MK7 GTD 5dr DSG Pure White With Optional Extras - Tech Pack - Sports & Sound - Pan Roof - Tints - Leather