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Re: e36 M3 3.2 evolution
« Reply #80 on: 30 May 2015, 23:42 »
So some of you may know that I've had issues with front brakes. If you don't know then read previous pages as can't be arsed to explain again.

Well one day the brakes got bad again! Then I noticed this.

20150520_160732 by tweedub, on Flickr

That's brake fluid ladies and gentlemen

Looked like bleed nipple was loose.

20150520_160859 by tweedub, on Flickr

Well it wasn't! It was in fact ****ed

20150520_163950 by tweedub, on Flickr

I tried to stop the fluid leaking out with a bigger bolt. It didn't stop it 100% so I clamped the brake hose.

20150520_161918 by tweedub, on Flickr

20150520_163039 by tweedub, on Flickr

So now I'm actually worried as this was Monday last week and we was leaving for nurburgring Thursday night.
I quickly made a thread if anyone had a bbk for sale and I searched the net for some 840i calipers, but they are rare as a fat kid not liking cake!
So with so little time and no one coming forward with bbk I had no choice but to buy a new kit. Literally every site couldn't make the deadline apart from one! REYLAND! Spoke to Martin on Tuesday and said "I see you got the kit on ebay for next day delivery, can you get it to me tomorrow?" He said no! Lol he told me that they have everything in stock but he machines the bells and brackets to order. He would need to machine them, then get them anodised and then post.  He said Friday.  Told I need them by Thursday as going nurburgring Thursday night. He then told me that he didn't want to take the order only to let me down. I was gutted to say the least. I then explained I had bbk already and that the threads had stripped and I had no brakes. I had to give him 15 minutes and phone back. The next phone call I was delighted to hear that he has a e36 order already and he will stay late that night to make it happen and get them to me by Thursday.

He's a legend and anyone that wants a bbk should go to him.

So as I was cleaning the car Thursday this was delivered

IMG-20150521-WA0010 by tweedub, on Flickr

AP Racing 4 pots with j hook grooves and ds2500 pads

IMG-20150521-WA0013 by tweedub, on Flickr

The brackets. The dust shields need trimming to fit.

20150521_144406 by tweedub, on Flickr

I had trouble getting the disc's on. Reason was the hubs and bells

IMG-20150521-WA0016 by tweedub, on Flickr

20150521_165926 by tweedub, on Flickr

So out came the grinder!

IMG-20150521-WA0021 by tweedub, on Flickr

At this point it was getting late and I was rushing so didn't take many more pictures. I can tell you that the AP calipers are a lot lighter and smaller than the brembos. So you'll need a smaller spacer. I need 20mm to clear coilovers anyway with the 8.5" wheel up front.

So brakes were on and straight away I was impressed. Locking the wheels up at 100 was fun. :D so next up was nurburgring. The brakes were outstanding! The ds2500 are fine for the nurburgring, it's not heavy on brakes and I was doing 2 laps back to back. Brakes didn't fade at all.
I only managed to get a 8.34 on my 7th lap. (First time there) I had my buddy in the car telling me where to be on track and when to brake. We was going through heavy traffic as the track had just opened and had a yellow flag too so that cost me few seconds.
Would definitely be in the 8.20's otherwise. Want under 8 minutes next trip there.
Will upload some pictures tomorrow
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Re: e36 M3 3.2 evolution
« Reply #81 on: 30 May 2015, 23:44 »
The 3mm thick stainless washers my buddy made. Hopefully will stop the chocolate brackets from melting.

20150530_175705 by tweedub, on Flickr

20150530_175721 by tweedub, on Flickr

I cleaned up and rounded the driver side hub today, just to even things out, because I have ocd and it plays on my mind :D

20150530_181839 by tweedub, on Flickr

20150530_181908 by tweedub, on Flickr

20150530_181853 by tweedub, on Flickr

Snapped the disc bolt and then snapped a outer in it trying to remove it. Meh didn't like them anyway

20150530_182204 by tweedub, on Flickr

With this kit you need to trim dust shields and bend them back because, the disc et is moved closer in and clearance is minimal

20150530_182116 by tweedub, on Flickr

20150530_183214 by tweedub, on Flickr

Old karting tyres come in handy for resting calipers on.

20150530_181918 by tweedub, on Flickr

The disc's are directional because of J hooks but the veins are straight

20150530_182107 by tweedub, on Flickr

And........ because race car

20150530_183539 by tweedub, on Flickr

20150530_175732 by tweedub, on Flickr

Got 20mm clearance

20150530_184208 by tweedub, on Flickr

Shame you can't see them behind these wheels

20150530_175253 by tweedub, on Flickr

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Re: e36 M3 3.2 evolution
« Reply #82 on: 30 May 2015, 23:48 »
So here are some pics of the trip.

874685-34f7f70cddbbb47eb91eb1e562821b38 by tweedub, on Flickr873106-c8c70e726228f84547d39e6fe6f9cfe8 by tweedub, on Flickr
879804-8a48bf7fdc9be729c03519d4d18743d1 by tweedub, on Flickr
880405-efff59af1b7363a0c002a0dc13a0318d by tweedub, on Flickr
880409-5c0ab698f862f49e80687badc4f48b5a by tweedub, on Flickr

Chasing my buddy in his lotus he only managed a 8.51

876571-fb47c3a65a9dcb4ce1324e5a29a907c9 by tweedub, on Flickr
877382-29833ab1df73a80118c6d61427a70624 by tweedub, on Flickr
877383-e06c6419fbc0b738d3d27a573a6378fc by tweedub, on Flickr
871141-15e30461c169b21e1caa9dbf99366eaa by tweedub, on Flickr
868691-ce045fc620727ff85d187690fae9a59c by tweedub, on Flickr
870746-41437d0fd50f987f3dc4db0005cc0f03 by tweedub, on Flickr
IMG-20150525-WA0042 by tweedub, on Flickr
IMG-20150525-WA0041 by tweedub, on Flickr
IMG-20150525-WA0001 by tweedub, on Flickr
IMG-20150525-WA0060 by tweedub, on Flickr
IMG-20150525-WA0059 by tweedub, on Flickr
20150523_123513 by tweedub, on Flickr
20150523_123534 by tweedub, on Flickr

Me and my buddies under the nurburgring

IMG-20150525-WA0073 by tweedub, on Flickr

20150525_103538 by tweedub, on Flickr

Hope you enjoy the pics. The weekend was awesome and if you're thinking about going you definitely should!

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Re: e36 M3 3.2 evolution
« Reply #83 on: 31 May 2015, 20:12 »
Car looks absolutely  stunning mate!
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Re: e36 M3 3.2 evolution
« Reply #84 on: 31 May 2015, 23:13 »
Cheers buddy  :cool:

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Re: e36 M3 3.2 evolution
« Reply #85 on: 04 January 2016, 00:13 »
Poor car. Wrote this off and bought it back from insurance. I've bought an E30 to put engine, gearbox, suspension and brakes in.

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Re: e36 M3 3.2 evolution
« Reply #86 on: 08 January 2016, 23:39 »
Ouch! What happened?  :cry:

Keeping schtum. Mostly.

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Re: e36 M3 3.2 evolution
« Reply #87 on: 09 January 2016, 21:56 »
Racing and went in a ditch at 90mph. Very lucky not to roll etc. But car bounced out and landed in some bushes. So chassis is twisted and not going back on road.

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