Author Topic: Mk2 Jetta G60  (Read 74848 times)

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Re: Mk2 Jetta G60
« Reply #250 on: 25 March 2014, 20:43 »
Glad you are sticking with the G60.

How did you get on with the charger build and what kit did you use?

What bottom end are you fitting? This thread has been very helpful. I won't be fitting a rallye intercooler now so keep the pics coming  :smiley:

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Re: Mk2 Jetta G60
« Reply #251 on: 04 July 2017, 12:57 »
If anyone is interested, this is now for sale (still engine-less)

Decided I could probably break it for £1500, so asking £1400, but plenty of flexibility if I remove parts

Ebay ad and pics