Author Topic: MK7 KW DDC Coilovers for non-DDC Equipped Cars  (Read 350 times)

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MK7 KW DDC Coilovers for non-DDC Equipped Cars
« on: 18 October 2021, 15:34 »
Excellent set of KW DDC Coilovers removed from MK7 GTI.

Comes complete with everything required to fit to a non-EDC equipped car. Full wiring and button that alters the dampers between Comfort, Sport and Sport+/Race.
Really do make a difference to the ride when switching between the 3 modes.

As can be seen the dampers are in really good condition and the springs do have some surface corrosion but nothing too bad.
Front/rear units come complete with top mounts etc for straight fitment so no having to split your OE units.

Full details can be found on the AwesomeGTI website:

New these are nearly £3k.

Asking £1500 collected from Wolverhampton.