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Wiring Questions
« on: 09 August 2022, 11:39 »
Long time golfgtiforum absentee here. I used to have a mk2 gti 8v with a PB in it, then I sold it to go quicker and ended up in a M140i.

But the bug (ha) never left me and I've purchased a uncompleted project. It's a mk2 jetta 16v track car, it is caged and it looks pretty tidy on the whole. Then someone has started to swap in a r32 that had been running in a mk3 golf the motor and gearbox are a r32 BUB & O2. This was all running in the mk3 using a standalone Emerald ECU and Mk3 clocks

I've then bought the project where I need to do a few things but mainly wiring. I've got both looms ce1 that was in the Jetta and CE2 that was in the Mk3. Given this is going to be a track car, i'm happy with as little wiring as possible but would like to get it road registered out of convivence of transport. I need it to pass a test which is quite a lot like an MoT.

What I was planning on doing was just reterminating the CE2 loom with the CE1 plugs on the "lights" end and use the MK2 ce1 stalks, is that a daft idea or should I be looking at doing this a different way?

I know the golden option would be mk2 ce2 loom but they dont seem to be that easy to get hold of