Author Topic: Golf MK2 GTI 16V Won’t start  (Read 4353 times)

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Golf MK2 GTI 16V Won’t start
« on: 03 July 2022, 14:49 »
Recently had the top of the engine rebuild after the head gasket went, bottom was not done at the same time as the cost was too much, I know you should really do the whole thing.

Also it has had a new ignition system as there were issues with starting as well as disappearing coolant, this included;

Ignition leads

The mechanic also mentioned an earth wire causing an issue, I can’t recall where this was but it was replaced.

When I had it back from the garage it was misfiring when cold but fine when it warmed up a bit. It then died whilst driving and would not restart. It’s went back to the garage, they said they took the main lead to the distributor off, put it against the engine and there was a spark when the key was turned. It was plugged back in and the engine fired up. They were unable to identify any other faults.

I took the car away, it was fine for about a week then would not start, I did what the garage did with the ignition lead, when I plugged it back in it fired up fine. A week or so later same problem but this time can’t get it going, there is a spark going to the distributor but it won’t fire.

Any advice is most welcome as it currently stuck in my work car park!

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Re: Golf MK2 GTI 16V Won’t start
« Reply #1 on: 04 July 2022, 13:33 »
If I remember correctly the dizzy cap can be rotated, and this will adjust the timing. Sometimes if not put on right it can fall out of place, so have someone turning it over whilst you rotate the cap (gloved hand) and see if it will pick up, when it does just some fine adjustment should get it running again.