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Infotainment Road Info
« on: 18 April 2022, 19:12 »

My previous VW (67 plate Tiguan) used to display the road name in the area i've marked as i was driving around, i've had a look in the settings and manual to see if it had the option but couldn't find anything apart from navigation options. The Tiguan didn't have driving modes so i'm assuming because of screen space the GTI doesn't have this option?
Unless it's something to do with the WLAN thing (i'm parked on my drive connected to the house wifi) as when i'm driving there is a cross next to the globe/earth symbol. I don't have my phone set up as a mobile hot-spot, so maybe that is it, but then i didn't with the Tiguan.

If i'm honest it's a bit of a pointless question because if i don't know where i'm going then i'll have the sat-nav on and if the sat-nav is off then i know where i'm's a curiosity thing  :wink:
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