Author Topic: 1996 2L 8V ADY Begging for help!  (Read 3796 times)

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1996 2L 8V ADY Begging for help!
« on: 01 April 2022, 13:38 »
Hi everybody. I last posted Aug 2020, still got same problem. MUST get it resolved as I need to sell the car. Problems began after car was not run for about 3 months whilst I overhauled front brakes, prior to that, never any issues. Car cranked but no start. Got VCDS lite and a cable, showed hall sensor fault code. Changed sensor, still the same. Changed ign. coil, car fired up, put old coil back on, no start, definitely faulty coil so thought problem solved. NOT. Car starts from cold first time every time. After running for about 30 mins starts to misfire really badly then cuts out. Generally fails to start again until it has been left to cool down for about an hour, then same deal. Parts changed: Distributor/Hall sensor, Crank sensor (twice), ign. coil (twice, 1 Delphi, 1 Hella) ECU relay, fuel pump relay. My gut instinct says no spark, because when I try to start it straight after it has cut out, I can smell fuel, so I think it is getting fuel. Any ideas anyone, like, if it was your car, what would you do next? BTW, just read a thread posted on this forum going back a few years, exactly same problem and looks like the guy never resolved it!