Author Topic: Mk6 Golf - Retrofitted folding mirrors no mirror dip or driver one touch window  (Read 8173 times)

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Fitted power folding mirrors with auto dip passenger side mirror and can't get it to work. I have enabled Bit 3 (Mirror lowering and reverse) in the door controller and used the coding below but everything but mirror dip works  :sad:

The coding i have used -
Address 42: Door Elect, Driver        Labels: 1K0-959-701-MAX3.lbl
   Part No SW: 5K0 959 701 E    HW: 5K0 959 701 E
   Component: Tuer-SG         009 2139 
   Coding: 0004854
   Shop #: WSC 00028 790 00212
   VCID: 346D1D9957453D81BA8-8061

No fault code found.

Address 52: Door Elect, Pass.        Labels: 1K0-959-702-MAX3.lbl
   Part No SW: 5K0 959 702 E    HW: 5K0 959 702 E
   Component: Tuer-SG         009 2139 
   Coding: 0005110
   Shop #: WSC 00028 790 00073
   VCID: 356B209D5C3F24898D6-8060

No fault code found.

For the passenger side i have set the coding as 5110 based on the below, the drivers side as 4854.

I have followed instructions in the user manual on how to set up passenger mirror but it does nothing.

One thing i have noticed and it may not be directly linked is there is no one touch window operation on the drivers door nor will the window auto close when you hold down the lock button on the fob.
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