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Re: Frequently Asked Questions
« Reply #10 on: 12 July 2012, 14:17 »
hey guys, ive just bought a 1997 mk3 golf 8v gti, ive been looking all over the forum for ideal coolant to use for my car, ive also tried looking elsewhere but everyone seems to be giving contradicting info.....

just need to know what coolant is the best to use, like i said ive been told to pick up a g48 from halfords, but the colour is blue/green, and when i checked what was already in my car under the bonnet, its a got the red/pink coolant already in there, ive also read that we should not mix the two or it will go all gunky like in the engine which isnt good obviously

someone tell me what to do or use!!!!

im gonna flush the system anyway, but what is the best coolant to use???

any help is appreciated


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Re: Frequently Asked Questions
« Reply #11 on: 12 July 2012, 14:56 »
You need to use G12+ should be a pink colour.