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Re: Clubsport order thread
« Reply #890 on: 05 March 2024, 17:52 »
Hi All

I've been away for a while - was an active member with a MK5 ED30, R32 and 2 x Mk7 GTI's.

Back looking again, and after having had an Audi S3, I don't want to go with an R!. Also like something a bit different, and love the red!

I've found a nice looking example, but I'm afraid I am really looking for one of the optioned wheels, and this one has the standard wheels. I know I might be crazy, but I'm happy to source some 2nd hand and have refurbished. However, does anyone have the part number for the correct Adelaide and Estoril wheels please? The Estoril might be 5H0601025AD?

Any thoughts welcome too! Am I mad with the facelift having now been announced?


Hi GE90

Ahhh the Estoril  :whistle:, there are two designs of the Estoril, the diamond turned version and the black painted version (I know both well - long story  :rolleyes:).  Part numbers are:

VW 19" Estoril diamond-turned alloy wheels - Part Number 5H0 601 025 S FZZ 
VW 19" Estoril black alloy wheels - Part Number 5H0 601 025 AD AX1

For the 19" Adelaide wheels, according to

Part number is 5H0 601 025 R FZZ

I don't think you are mad, there'll always be a newer model of car around the corner.  Plus it's going to be a while before facelifted performance Golfs are about or available to order.
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Re: Clubsport order thread
« Reply #891 on: 05 March 2024, 20:33 »
Thanks so much for your comprehensive response!

I’ve made on offer on Clubsport and await a response. This one has Adelaide wheels 👍


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Re: Clubsport order thread
« Reply #892 on: 06 March 2024, 18:01 »

Having not contributed to this thread since my collecting my new Clubsport from the detailers in January this year.  Thought I'd give an update after 3,000 miles of driving the Mk8, as I think I'm now in more of a position to give my thoughts on my Mk8.  Nearly feels like my car.

I bought my Mk6 11 years ago, and have driven 192,000 miles in it, to where it currently sits at 217,000 miles.  So I think I know my Mk6 pretty well.

Going from a 2010 model year Golf to a 2024 model year Golf has been a pretty huge jump in terms of car technology.  Lane assist, side assist, travel assist, breakfast assist, life assist, pretty much lots of assistance. 

This is my first automatic car after driving manuals since I passed my test in the late 90s.  So the phantom clutch foot, and left arm preping to change down for junctions etc. is still happening, but far less frequently. :smiley:

Stuff I'm glad I optioned

  • Head Up Display - at first wasn't sure I was going to get on with it, but now the subconsious is learning, I refer to it more than the normal speedo.  Integration with Apple Maps is handy too.
  • Pan roof, having not had a sunroof since my Mk4 Golf GTI 1.8T, this makes the cabin feel more spacious.  Looking forward to better weather so I can actually use it.
  • Nurburgring "Special" mode via DCC option.  I have renamed it 'Nasty' mode  :evil: as I think it's just offensive in terms of engine noise (no doubt mostly fake), response and exhaust pops and bangs.  I didn't touch this mode until I'd run the engine in.  So for about 1500 miles I drove in Comfort mode and began to miss bits of the Mk6, but then I put the car into Special mode, and found the Clubsport's GTI again.  Nasty mode I like...a lot.

Stuff I wasn't expecting

  • Consistently returning better fuel economy than the Mk6 on my daily commute. 42 MPG instead of 38 - 40.
  • I've got the creaking/scraping sound when going round certain B-road bends at speed.  Been back to the dealer for a road test (which of course car didn't do it on), they've applied their 'special' grease to suspension components, but still persists; so still to sort.
  • Car turns in a lot sharper than my Mk6!
  • Grip levels are very impressive
  • the vigour that the boot hatch closes, watch your fingers!  :grin:

Stuff I miss from the Mk6

  • Cubby holes, the Mk6 has plenty of places to store glasses, cleaning cloths, Yorkie bars.  I especially miss the sunglasses' storage in the headliner centre section, and the storage hole to the lower right of the steering wheel.
  • Driver's Sun Visor with side extension.  Unless it's just my car?? but really Volkswagen, not having a side extendable sun visor is unexcusable.  My commute to work has (dependant on British weather of course) 30 minutes of early side-Sun agony.  The Sun just sits next to the B-pillar on the driver's side, and not being able to block it out with the sun visor is just not cool!  Clearly an area the accountants got to and thought owners wouldn't notice.
  • Backlit temperature controls
  • Mk6 Dynaudio trumps the standard Mk8 speaker system - Harmon Kardon was not available when I ordered mine else I would've spec'd it.

Stuff I thought may've caused a problem but hasn't

  • Haptic steering wheel buttons - I've not accidentally turned anything on (or off) at all.  Once I learnt what the buttons do, I'm actually okay with them.  Think some journalists' opinions were a little over critical.  Maybe I just hold the steering wheel different to journalists  :grin:.
  • Infotainment system.  Mine seems responsive, and works well.  Did spec the pro nav, on the assumption that maybe some of the internal chips may be different (faster) to the standard nav model - though of course no real difference comparison on the VW website to base that on.
  • Heating controls - generally I set and forget my car temps.  But I've actually found the voice commands are fine, once I worked out what some of the key words were.  Any phrase with "temperature" in it sets A/C temperature, any phrase with "heated" seems to set the heated seat level.
  • Lane Assist, as has been mentioned by many others.  Not a big hassle to turn off before a journey.  Generally I use for motorways, dual carriageways. turn it off for A and B roads.

Stuff that needs some work

Speed limit sign recognition.  As I'm sure folks have mentioned before, the car has a tendency to pick up national speed limit signs on slip roads. Experienced when I've been travelling on a dual carriageway that currently has a 40 MPH average speed camera stretch of roadworks.  On first occurence this caused some swearing and a very quick re-adjustment of the cruise control.  The car's camera is clearly wide angled!

'Avon Calling' Bong Experience

Only on cold (frosty) mornings or evening last month have I experienced a couple of assist systems being unavailable.  Once the car warmed up, the systems came back online.  Dealership had said that if a layer of frost or ice forms on the sensors it can cause these problems. This appears to be validated in my experience.

Stuff I love

  • The car's pick up and go, jumping from a 210 PS GTI to 300 PS GTI is definitely noticable
  • Minimalist cabin design - personal preference I know
  • Ride quality and low road noise (well my Winter Contis are quiet compared to the supplied summer Bridgestones)
  • Seats are very comfy which is good, as my back is old and broken. :grin:
  • 'Nasty' mode  :evil:   

Great Spec for the car. I had the Clubsport for over a month now and most if all the problems seem to be ironed out. The whole steering wheel problems were over blown. I never once clicked a function I never wanted. 

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Re: Clubsport order thread
« Reply #893 on: 13 March 2024, 21:56 »
Mine is on status: "Waiting to transport"
I hope that it will be here in next two weeks   :grin:

I already bought for it:
Milltek non-resonated
ST XA suspension
H&R anti-roll bars front and rear
WF wheels 19"
R600 intake with turbo inlet
HG motorsport intercooler

And ofc I'm a detailer, so it will be full protected (PPF and ceramic coating) & tuned when it comes.
Can't wait...

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Re: Clubsport order thread
« Reply #894 on: 14 March 2024, 15:07 »
Hopefully you won’t need to attempt any warranty claims Mislav! 😁

Looking forward to seeing some photos once the car has arrived and you’ve added your little extra bits  :cool:
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Re: Clubsport order thread
« Reply #895 on: 14 March 2024, 22:19 »
I'm not worried about warranty, its a long story and not for public  :laugh: :whistle:
SW (ECU tune) will be on schedule next year, this season on original 300HP
Glad to have 6 years or 150k km warranty, great deal by VW.

Ofc that it would be posted here! :)

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Re: Clubsport order thread
« Reply #896 on: 17 March 2024, 20:12 »
Does anyone know if these wheel caps below will fit the Mk8 Clubsport wheel? Specifically the Scottsdale as fitted to the Edition 45 GTI.

I believe they will fit….. because….. I’ve asked about the dynamic centre caps for the Scottsdale wheels, I’ve been told by my dealer they will fit and the ones you’re looking at have the same dimensions (inside and outside) as the dynamic centre caps.

insert small print here…. I’m not 100%, but fairly confident.

Btw. Merry Christmas everyone :smiley:

May I ask whether anyone has fitted genuine MK7 Clubsport centre caps to MK8 Adelaide wheels please? Thanks