Author Topic: My gti 8v daily scraper !  (Read 11310 times)

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My gti 8v daily scraper !
« on: 24 October 2016, 22:05 »
Been lurking on the forum for a while thought I'd finally post a picture of where I'm at . Bought the car as a bit of an unknown quantity as it had been stood for 2+years and was pretty mouldy ! Was completely standard with 112k on it and I got it for £150 . Managed to get her on the road with a new battery and 2brake hoses  and set about modding !

Current state
Rh cups 16"
Jom coilivers
Twin tip backbox
Smoothed and drilled air box , cold feed and pipercRoss filter
Vr6 splitter (not pictured)
Debadge drill
Rusted bonnet

My next move is to either vento the front end with a carbon wrapped bonnet - or just swap the headlights for quads and again wrap the bonnet.
it's been a budget project and is my daily / work van ! Amazing what can fit in the back when you drop the seats !

On work dutys with the big ladders on top !

Oh and I lose my new splitter basically everyday and my own driveway is off limits - small price to pay for lows

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Re: My gti 8v daily scraper !
« Reply #1 on: 11 August 2018, 02:02 »
good car bro.
kindly, can you show me how did you installed the roof rack?