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My Canyon red wagon
« on: 28 March 2016, 20:59 »
Sorry if this first post is long winded or makes no sense but i'm copying bits of it from our local VW forum  :embarrassed:

So after a few months away from the VW 'scene' i decided to follow my heart and get back into what i love, a Mk3 Golf estate.

A few of you may already know this car as it had been about the block a bit in the last few months of 2015 Having 4 different owners since Sept/Oct, 5 if you include me  :shocked: Sadly with each new owner bits of it were being neglected, parts taken out (Full Vr leather interior  :cry: ) and a few not so nice parts added, an eBay special K&N style cone filter for one  :sick:

First job when i got it home was to address the nose down stance and giving it a dam good clean both inside and out.

I also fitted some T10 leds in the plate tub

Sitting pretty and beading nicely in the rain

Next up were some twin Hellas to replace the tinted Gti lights, however the wiring left a lot to be desired  :shocked:

Took a couple of hours to completely rewire them but now they fully work as they should, they were wired so that the sidelights only come on with dipped and if you flicked high beam on they all went off... ideal  :grin:  It would have taken less time had it not have been for a bad earth causing a fair bit of head scratching.

So with the front lights done it was time to I fit my led number plate units

(eBay picture)

Now, they were a universal fit, so as you can imagine they were far from universal  :lol: A bit of cutting the plate plinth, soldering the plugs on, bonding it in place with Tiger seal and they were a straight fit haha.  :lol:

I only had white adhesive but you'll not see it anyway

Universal side light holders and voila, DIY U.S spec corner markers

Borrowed an arch roller, i usually just use a bat and a lump hammer  :grin:

Sadly I found the paint on the replacement front wings is a little thin, as are the actual wings themselves  :( I managed to flare them a touch and pulled them out of shape a little which im a tad bit gutted about. Rear worked a fkin treat though  B) All in all, despite the mishap with the wings I still think the results are miles better than my usual approach  :lol: :lol: :lol:

At the same time as rolling my archs the helper springs 'fell out' and i wound the rears right down and it doesn't rub as much now  :smug:

and at the same time the bump stops mysteriously became shorter and the whole car sat a lot better (Rides better now too as its not sat on the stops)  :rolleyes:

(Pics above were taken before rolling the archs)

Much happier  :cool:

and then it was time to prep it for MOT  :sick: When i bought it i new i had 'a little bit' of welding to do... yeah, i kinda underestimated just how bad the dreaded Mk3 tin worm was  :cry:

Couple of photos before I started finding more and then realised just how bad it was so stopped taking them  :o

So after a week of welding every evening, replacing both rear wheel bearings and sorting the headlight aim i got a fresh ticket with no advisorys  :cool: Well chuffed

Finally found and fitted a std air filter housing to replace the chavtastic cone filter. No, im not getting old before my time... I'm all for a nice induction roar, but not on a 1.8 8v estate haha. It's embarrassing when your passing someone and you plant your foot, LOADS of noise and nothing, your still there bumbling along side  :-[

and as the MOT's out of the way I dropped it back down to a normal, less sensible ride height  :lol:

I don't know how it happened but somehow after bringing the ride height back down from MOT height it happened to sit lower than before  ;)

Sadly I can't run that low without getting some drop plates as my offsets to low and my sidewalls catch the leading edge of the archs when loaded up.. so I guess I know what I'm going to be saving my pocket money up for  :lol:

*Cough cough

Not everyones cup of tea, but i bagged myself a Kamei grill  B)

Not painted yet (Obviously) but i couldnt resist a cheeky trial fit 

and in grey primer, just because

and then painted up, badly haha. Its not a million miles off tbf and kinda looks ok to the eye, and even better on my 90s spec 3210 in bad light lol

and then i picked up some Anniversary seats to replace the worn Gti ones :smiley:

Which brings us upto date so far....

almost  :grin:

Bank holiday weekend and typically, i have a breakdown... nothing drastic, other than blowing the only breather pipe that nobody has in stock till next week, at the end of our road as we were heading out for a day trip :cry:

On the flip side, i got a chance to clean the engine bay  :whistle:

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Re: My Canyon red wagon
« Reply #1 on: 28 March 2016, 22:51 »
Thats nice foran estate.
Look forward to seeing what unfolds