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My 95 MK3 Daily Driver (M647 TRX)
« on: 15 July 2016, 23:08 »
So, after going through a few Golf's including Mk2's 3's & 4's in the past then going back to Ford's I decided I wanted another MK3 as a daily driver.

I searched for a good few weeks and finally came across a 1.4 which being a daily is ideal just to shoot around in as I've got 3 other weekend toys, plus it's cheap tax :grin: it was advertised as an MOT failure and the fella couldn't be bothered with it. I travelled a 200 mile round trip to collect it but when I arrived I was pleasantly surprised as we all know how the MK3's can suffer with rust etc, apart from the front wings it's a completely solid car which has never seen a welder so I was happy, after a quick look over it I soon realised it was gonna need a new downpipe as it had split where the flexi pipe joins (as usual) anyway money exchanged and off I went.

When I got it home the first thing I done was order new coilovers and top mounts as well as a full service kit and anti freeze to do a coolant change etc. I started working off the fail sheet which was only minor stuff like a couple of brake lines, an exhaust blow which was the downpipe, wipers and a few bulbs and after that it flew through an MOT. I shoved it on a set of MK2 steelies once I'd fitted the coilovers as the wheels which were on it all had knackered tyres and the search began for a set of wheels, what a nightmare that was!

I finally managed to find a set of 7J Gotti cups with 185/45/15 tyres which give a very slight stretch and over the last couple of weeks I've done little things like tint the front headlights, fit GTi rear lights I had in the spare room and just tidy the car up in general. I've got a couple more things planned for it but for the moment I'm quite happy with the progress.

Anyway enough talking, here's some pics of when I first got it and how it looks now. Comments welcome.


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