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Re: Help can't open car
« Reply #60 on: 23 January 2021, 08:21 »

Regarding your finding:

On testing, the voltage was down sufficiently to stop the keyless entry from working. So the battery lasted just 11 months.


Regarding your comment:

2025 (180mAh) would appear to be greater than that of the Panasonic 2025 (165mAh)

The capacity alone does not say anything about the pulse capability of a battery.


The explanation is quite simple.

We have different batteries for different applications for CR batteries as well as for silver batteries.


For a car key as a good example, consider that the different temperatures (summer and winter) have a strong influence on the pulse capability.

Therefore datasheets are always using room temperature as base. (Independent of the manufacturer)

Using a battery that is not designed for higher pulses may mean that not all the capacity in the battery can be used.


For pulse application like your car key we recommend to use our CR20XXMFR (165mAh)

For application without pulse demand we (like a real time clock) we recommend to use our CR20XX.MFR (180mAh)

Attached I send you the two related datasheets.

The above is a cut n paste from the Karoq forum, a reply from a battery manufacturer.  I hope your milliamps aren't too high !  As said, I've ordered Panasonics, will post how I get on !
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Re: Help can't open car
« Reply #61 on: 23 January 2021, 11:08 »
Not sure if this helps...

I checked the new batteries they fitted and they didn't have any branding on them but the part number on the invoice is as follows;

P VN 10437301

(not sure if the P means anything)

EDIT - just searched this code and it seems the VW ones could be made by Sony?

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Re: Help can't open car
« Reply #63 on: 23 January 2021, 17:33 »
I guess so, when I searched I found these..

The packet seems to have VW branding on it but are made by Sony, obviously they could both be the same but different packaging.

I was hoping to find the power details of the VW ones from some of the pictures.

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Re: Help can't open car
« Reply #64 on: 11 February 2021, 16:48 »
My fob failed today so I just unlocked the door manually, ignored the alarm (as did the few passers by luckily) and with the key placed by the sensor on the column thankfully it started albeit after a few attempts. Lucky as it would've been a fairly long and cold walk to the nearest garage! The dead battery is a Panasonic so I'll get a couple of those.
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