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Title: Golf gttdi asz flat spot and smoke
Post by: mattjholmes2002 on 08 August 2018, 15:50
Hi, wondering if anyone can help, in the past few months my golf has started smoking quite bad. It seems to have developed a flat spot when you are trying to keep the car running at the same speed, pretty much every time you just touch the accelerator a little bit more you an kind of feel it hold back for a moment and then come out of the flat spot., and quite regularly when I look in the rear view mirror there is a puff of smoke and then clears.

Accelerating hard, initially there is thick black smoke, sometimes I can't see the road behind me, but then again after that first acceleration it seems to clear.

A few days ago I accelerated up a hill, and was saying to my son look at the smoke coming out of this, then there was a bit of hesitation and a bit of a splutter so I changed gear and when I accelerated in the next gear I noticed that it had gone in to limp mode. I pulled up, switched it off, started it back up and it was fine.

I've had the car for about 6 years, and it's been a decent car. 2 years ago I had the turbo replaced as it packed in, I can't hear any boost pipes leaking, of at least not bad.

Any ideas what it can be? Or what to try?