Author Topic: Golf mk4 1.9 gttdi. Locks/lights/immobiliser  (Read 6458 times)

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Golf mk4 1.9 gttdi. Locks/lights/immobiliser
« on: 02 March 2017, 22:50 »
Been reading through various other posts with regards to similar problems to myself but nothing as concrete as could be a number of things. Hopefully some one may be able to narrow it down a little for me.

I believe all my problems maybe linked to faulty ccm from what I've read but will see what you guys think.

1) Sometimes when I put my key into ignition the immobiliser light comes on and I have to take key out and try again and works fine.

2) Sometimes (happening more regular now) only 1 interior light (rear passenger) side comes on and others don't, not even the puddle light or door light BUT what I find strange is everytime this happens if I press the button to turn the interior light on constant tge warning light on dash comes on to say boot/door is open?

3) My key fob was getting worse for pressing at a distance and now has totally given up amd won't work. Battery had been replaced and it lights up fine just won't open/lock the car.

4) With my key fob not working I am using my key in the door.
If I lock from passenger side it will lock every door and boot and arm the alarm.
If I lock from the drivers door sometimes it will lock all doors/boot and arm the alarm BUT sometimes it will only lock the drivers door.
The central locking works fine all the time if sat in the car and pressing the lock button on drivers door.

So far I have checked all fuses, checked all wiring in boot and doors for breakage/shorting and all seem fine.

Sorry for the long post.

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Re: Golf mk4 1.9 gttdi. Locks/lights/immobiliser
« Reply #1 on: 03 March 2017, 08:15 »
Need to get someone to scan the convenience control module as that conctrols everything your on about