Author Topic: Help EML light on !!!!  (Read 6743 times)

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Help EML light on !!!!
« on: 03 October 2016, 09:37 »
So about 4 days ago the EML (engine management light) came on so put the car on the laptop (vcds/
to read the codes and see what was going on

it threw up code 19586 - EGR System Regulation Range Exceeded P3130 - 35-00

So took a pic of the code and cleared it had a look around and reading some posts some people say

N17 valve at fault
Egr is dead and needs replacing
vacuum pipes need replacing
Turbo is dead

now thats lots of maybe's so can anyone throw some more light onto the fault

and how would i test the n17 valve ?? I have run an output test on vcds (not sure if i'm doing it correct) but i cant hear or feel anything when i put my hand on the valve/solenoid

I also ran measuring blocks

now this was on idle but the egr looks to be out of specified range and the maf looks the same am i right in my thinking or am i doing it wrong

any thoughts ????
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Vw\'s never die they just get lower !! :):)