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New member
« on: 27 June 2021, 22:30 »
Hi all

New member with a 2.0 Avantgarde Pink Floyd Edition. Bought during Lockdown #1 in an attempt to revisit my youth (had a Mk 1 cab as a teenager), coupled with being a big Floyd fan, I couldn't *not* buy it !

Turns out there's lots wrong with it, but low mileage, and very very few left. My plan basically is to restore it and hang onto it forever.

I need to get her running right before I drop any more money on getting it painted and a new hood etc fitted.

I'm sure I'll be asking lots of questions, so please be gentle !

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Re: New member
« Reply #1 on: 25 July 2021, 20:01 »
What a cool car.  :cool:
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Re: New member
« Reply #2 on: 08 August 2021, 22:49 »
I’m old enough to remember VW releasing the Pink Floyd Golfs when they sponsored the wrinkly rockers tour.
Can’t be many of those left now so good luck in your endeavours to keep it on the road Mr Toad.
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