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Golf mk8 / Re: Clubsport 45s ordered and delivery progress
« Last post by sam67GTD on Today at 13:58 »
You have quite a lot of options open to you there. I'd keep the CSS as that could well be a investment for the future and only go up in value. Sell the wife's GTI and give her the 45!!  :grin:

It's crazy at the moment with factory orders. I've an 8R ordered from Agnews Boucher since May 21  :shocked:
Golf mk7 / Re: Michelin PS4s tyres - hard to find!
« Last post by Kpow99 on Today at 13:47 »
Just bought another 2 for when the rear need changing, hide in the shed  :whistle:
Golf mk8 / Re: Clubsport 45s ordered and delivery progress
« Last post by Sean G on Today at 13:08 »
That’s 4 Edition 45’s through Philips that I know off - don’t think they have anymore to get.
Still undecided wether it replaces this one below and CSS goes into the garage or just trade the CSS in as they’ve offered a very fair price for it
Other option being to trade my wife’s MK7.5 PP GTI in and she can take the Edition
Though I’ve a GTD ordered for her but could well be into next year before that arrives

Golf mk8 / Re: Any paint experts out there?
« Last post by monkeyhanger on Today at 12:50 »
OK, after much to-ing and fro-ing, the local dealership group, Pulman, have confirmed that the bodywork issue is copiuous amounts of fallout that should have been dealt with by the PDI process and clearly haven't been. They had a quick go with a 3M polishing compound that wouldn't touch the fallout, but some progress was made with a claybar - their prognosis is that a detailer should be paid to claybar the whole car.

The guy I dealt with at Pulman kindly emailed the head of sales at the supplying dealership stating as much.

I am hoping that this prompts the head of sales to backtrack from his initial stance of "if you won't bring it all the way back to Woking, I won't do anything for you" (with no guarantees that they would do anything even if I did).

I've been trying to call them for ages but no one is picking up the phone. I have a few things to consider mentioning, but going off some of heir trust pilot reviews, I don't think they'll give a sh!te.

1. I'm pretty sure I could return the car under the distance selling laws and get my money back (leaving them with a second hand car to sell) - all selling documentation was signed remotely, the car was paid for in full, remotely and I simply picked the car up and drove it off, 8 days ago. According to the car sales ombudsman website, this constitutes a distance sale. I have looked through all of the contractual stuff and there's nothing there that obliges me to waive my distance selling rights. Seems a bit extreme, but there are still a few other e-boosts available.

2. Given the timing of the first Born's collection (a week prior to this one) and subsequent contact by Cupra UK for the customer satisfaction survey (last Friday), the customer satisfaction survey for this Born is imminent - i'll be sure to give them a sh!tty rating if they refuse to have the issue resolved remotely at their cost.
Golf mk8 / Re: Clubsport 45s ordered and delivery progress
« Last post by sam67GTD on Today at 12:43 »
Great looking car @seang  :cool: Glad to hear some NI performance Golfs are getting delivered!
Golf mk8 / Re: Clubsport 45s ordered and delivery progress
« Last post by Sean G on Today at 12:43 »
A pet hate. Don’t let them drill your bumpers!  Vandals!  :angry:

They won’t I’ll be fitting my own plates
And I’ve already warned them !
Golf mk8 / Re: Mk8 software version poll
« Last post by Foxy367 on Today at 12:42 »
So mines in for two days at the end of the month,

Has anyone who was on 16XX and had the latest update got a photo of the software version screen afterwards please?

Also did it enable the map on the virtual cockpit afterwards as some of them had it previously and others didn't (week 48 builds in 2020 for example do week 47 and prior doesn't, mines a wk47!!!!)


Just collected the car, all done software updated to 1896 from 1666. Hopefully its fixed all of the sensor issues its recently started with but the two big things it has now gained


And.... Maps in the cluster  :grin:

Also the latest icons for BBC radio stations, need to sort my primary user back out but other than that so far so good

Golf mk7 / Re: Test drove a mk7 gti - thoughts and questions
« Last post by symonh2000 on Today at 12:01 »
Too long oil change intervals are the cause of many problems on modern cars. Usually the timing chain and tensioners are amongst the first things to suffer. Dirty oil doesn't lubricate as well, and contaminants in it can attack plastics making them brittle. Hence why some marques have had issues with plastic timing chain tensioners breaking up.

They do serve the purpose of making a car look cheap to run and service for the first few years of it's life however which makes lease/hire companies happy. Just pity the owners who buy the car later in it's life.
Golf mk7 / Re: Test drove a mk7 gti - thoughts and questions
« Last post by ub7rm on Today at 11:11 »
Its an interesting observation with the oil temperature.  I have a GTD and a b9 S4 (ignore the signature - brief flirtation with the dark side).  And even in the GTD the oil temp shoots up to around 100 quite quickly and stays up at that level.

The S4 on the other hand takes a good bit longer to get up to temp and then only goes up to 100 when caning it, even then it drops back down very quickly.  Of course it has a much bigger volume of oil in the engine and I suspect a more industrial cooling system - but shows that the oil is worked very hard in modern 4 pots and changing the oil regularly is critical. 
Golf mk7 / Re: Test drove a mk7 gti - thoughts and questions
« Last post by symonh2000 on Today at 10:26 »
The benefit of about 330bhp (was remapped) vs 230bhp and RWD to get the power down...

The Golf is much better in other areas though. It is lighter and better suited to the country roads here in Oxfordshire, and is a better family car due to having more space and more doors.

Fuel economy was about the same, obviously the petrol engine sounds better and is smoother.
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