Author Topic: site offline 23/5/12 10am  (Read 3416 times)

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Re: site offline 23/5/12 10am
« Reply #10 on: 23 May 2012, 22:14 »
jv. thanks to you today i have done the most work i have in the last 4 years of working were i do. i hope they dont expect the same from me on friday when im back in.

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Re: site offline 23/5/12 10am
« Reply #11 on: 24 May 2012, 20:30 »
Indeed. I was being optimistic as I love to read Kirk, Jay and Guy moaning about downtime. I picture them as 3 wise old owls who know so much about linux/mysql/php/apache config but they just don't want to share it  :laugh:

I do :smug: You seem to have it under control, most of the time :tongue:
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Re: site offline 23/5/12 10am
« Reply #12 on: 28 May 2012, 23:35 »
Admin not hiding anymore? :grin:
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