How long have you owned your MK7 (MK 7.5)

Less than 1 year
1-2 Years
2-3 years
3-4 years
4-5 years
Over 5 years

Author Topic: Length of ownership poll  (Read 1823 times)

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Re: Length of ownership poll
« Reply #10 on: 04 January 2022, 23:35 »
Bought new in December 2018.

I don’t think I’ve enjoyed owning a car as much as this one.

I’ll keep it unless there’s a damn good reason to sell.

I expect this will be my main car until retirement in around 12 years
2018 Golf GTI Performance  5dr manual, Isaac blue
1988 Peugeot 205 GTI 1.9

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Re: Length of ownership poll
« Reply #11 on: 05 January 2022, 06:41 »
What would be interesting is seeing how long they have owned the car, as well as how many miles people have done in said time.
Had mine since February 2020 (right before everything turned to sh..)  :whistle:

Already put on over 36 000 miles as the cars are just so capable and good to drive.

2014 Mk7 GTI - Littco L380x

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Re: Length of ownership poll
« Reply #12 on: 05 January 2022, 08:30 »
Good idea, I've added my current mileage to mine.
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Re: Length of ownership poll
« Reply #13 on: 05 January 2022, 09:03 »
MK4 GTI       2001 - 2005
MK4 PD 150  2005 - 2008
MK5 GTI       2008 - 2011  Stolen
Edition 30     2011 - 2016
MK7 PP         2016

I average 4yrs of ownership. I tried selling the current GTI last year, fortunately had no nibbles after a week and decided its a keeper. Added Revo Stage 1, the Mrs loves it, 3 doors, DSG, life is good. 

Previous rides..MKIV 1.8T   MKIV PD150  MK5 GTI MK5 edition30 now MK7 GTI PP

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Re: Length of ownership poll
« Reply #14 on: 05 January 2022, 10:08 »
My PCP is up in June and I have no idea what to do  :embarrassed: I've currently owned it about 3.5 years and it has been really good, but I just have the itch to try something new. Trouble is, I've been spoiled by the GTI being such a good package.

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Re: Length of ownership poll
« Reply #15 on: 13 January 2022, 02:03 »
I know I conducted a poll a few years ago on the age of performance MK7 drivers, but as my car will be 4 years old in May, I just wondered how long people have owned their motors, and how long they plan to keep them for ?

I know a lot of members from a few years ago have either moved on to other brands or even MK8 Golfs, but for the stalwarts that are left, was wondering how many still have them and for how much longer they think they’ll keep them for ?

Just a bit of fun of course.

I've had the CSS for nearly 5 years. I was the second owner as the ministry of home affairs would not have accepted me getting that and the GT4 new in the same year. I picked one up the following year - it had done 1,800 miles and was mint. Took ages to find the right one in white - every available car seemed to be black or red. I've done around 12,000 miles in it although it has not had as much use as I would want in the last two years. I don't plan on selling it and it's going in for some work in the next few months to lighten it, reduce unsprung weight, improve some components, powder coat parts and I'll put some new alloys on at the same time.

TCR we got in May 2019 and we've done just over 19k since new. We would have done considerably more but work got 100% remote and it's primarily our grocery getter and dog car. We did have a debate about waiting for the MK8 when we ordered but we knew enough about what was coming and didn't like the look of it. Still don't. Having driven the MK8, there are some positives but the negatives counter far more.

I can't see myself changing any of the cars we own unless forced to. The only other cars that have caught my attention sufficient to test drive are the A45S (the cannards and stick on wing are a joke) and a Taycan Cross Turismo. Both were a bit soulless for different reasons and for the respective prices, there needs to be some emotional appeal. While the Taycan cabin is a lovely place to be, it's a big, heavy and very expensive vehicle. I don't see it being 3 or 4 times the TCR dynamically, practically or emotionally.

I feel old for writing the above. i'm not but I think I'll be around these parts till I am.  :grin:

MK7 Clubsport S, 981 Cayman GT4, MK7.5 GTI TCR

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Re: Length of ownership poll
« Reply #16 on: 13 January 2022, 16:22 »
Had my Golf R 6 years past on December the 18th,pure white on 60,000 miles.

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Re: Length of ownership poll
« Reply #17 on: 14 January 2022, 09:02 »
Sold my 7.5 GTi PP at almost exactly 4 years old (and 32K miles) due to the silly used prices.

Have an SQ5 on order that probably won't arrive until April / May despite being ordered in July last year 🙄
Currently trundling around in 14 year old 2lt diesel Focus.

I miss the GTi but probably not by as much as I might have thought, good car that it was.
SOLD - 67 Golf GTi PP, 5dr, DSG in Issac Blue with rear camera, keyless entry, Dynaudio, Brescia alloys & DCC.

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Re: Length of ownership poll
« Reply #18 on: 15 January 2022, 13:22 »
Bought my new MK7.5 GTI Jan 2020, only 5.5K miles to date. Love the car, although been a bit annoyed recently when the front assist has decided I needed to do an emergency stop, when it was still safe.

Tend to keep cars for a long while, previous Scirocco just under 11 years! Will keep the Golf until we are more or less forced to switch to EV's!

MK7.5 2020, Isaac Blue, standard spec

Gone but certainly not forgotten Candy White Scirocco 2.0 TSI

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Re: Length of ownership poll
« Reply #19 on: 16 January 2022, 16:11 »
Bought my TCR just over 2 years ago. It was a dealer demo with 4k miles. Wanted one with pan roof, so drove to Yeovil from W Sussex to get it. I've added 6k now. Thought about Mk8 CS but can't get past touchscreen plonked on top and its inherent safety issues, prodding the screen on the move.  The TCR is quick, well equipped and comfortable. It's a keeper.
Pure White MY 2020 GTI TCR 19" Reifnitz with DCC, Pan Roof and Climate Windscreen