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  • Seattle WA, USA and Middlesex, UK is full of various technical info tools and data, such as the Mk1 VIN Decoder, the list of Mk1 Recalls and defects, as well as an  extensive list of various Wheels that were offered on Mk1 models.

In addition to all the various FAQ and Information articles, we have a fairly extensive and informative Tutorials and How-To's section for the Mk1 shade tree mechanic.

For those who are simply information junkies, interested in knowing some of the various options, features and specifications of your particular Mk1 model, you can look it up in the FAQ & Info area by model year. You can also check out all the various paint codes offered for Mk1 models on the new and improved Paint Code Pages, or view the Mk1 Production Sales Numbers, as well as browse through quite a history of various Media Articles, Ads and Brochures in the Gallery. Both US and European ads and brochures have been added, and we still have a ton more to scan and/or upload! 

I'm back into deep research again - why you will see more FAQ, maintenance + info from me this year :) hope it helps you as much as it helps me.  
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Another great site I bookmarked and forgot all about.. nice find and now stickied...  :cool: