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New forum members / Re: First time golf owner
« Last post by Watts on Today at 01:24 »
That was the same for me when I got my last car, saw red, had to have it!
New forum members / Re: First time golf owner
« Last post by redross555 on 28 May 2022, 23:22 »
First golf, first volkswagen, first red car. Lots of firsts going on here 🤣🤣. The minute I saw the gti in red I knew that was the colour for me. The other colours look great but I think the gti just looks so good in red.
New forum members / Re: First time golf owner
« Last post by Exonian on 28 May 2022, 22:04 »
As first Golfs go that one looks rather tasty  :cool:
Red suits a GTI so well, and matches your name too!!

Welcome redross  :smiley:
New forum members / Re: Evening All - first time Golf owner -Mk7 GTi
« Last post by Exonian on 28 May 2022, 22:01 »
Welcome Joehow  :smiley:

Two fine cars that between them cover all bases I’d say!
You certainly seem to enjoy your motoring to the full by the looks of it  :cool:
General discussion / Re: EXTRAS
« Last post by Exonian on 28 May 2022, 21:53 »
From a personal point of view I’d say any extras would be “nice to have” but none are essential enough to narrow your search down to a specific spec unless you find them high on your personal priority list.

The really good stuff is standard, particularly the IQ lights which are fantastic, and the heated steering wheel which I’ve fallen in love with.

A rear view camera would be quite useful but not essential. I’ve had a succession of cars both with and without and it’s not something I miss. However it is one of few options that could likely be retrofitted. The parking sensors on their own do a pretty good job though.

With the scarcity of GTI’s in general coupled with the high prices they currently fetch then compromises will probably have to be made as regards to spec, colour, gearbox choice etc.

Even 18 month to two year old cars can have had paint and bodywork damaged by now so personally I’d try and find one with 100% original paintwork (that also hasn’t seen commercial car washes), is reasonably priced and being sold by someone that doesn’t make your skin crawl (even some main dealers can fall into that category). At that point I’d take any optional extras as a bonus.
Golf mk8 / Re: MY23…..
« Last post by king monkey on 28 May 2022, 19:26 »
Tbh, as a CS45 owner, I didn’t buy it for the bits but because it’s a CS45. These aren’t so doesn’t really bother me. I actually think it’s good that they’re being offered. Doesn’t make it a CS45 in my mind though. As for residuals, people who want a 45, want a 45, not a trim level equivalent so don’t think it’ll affect them.
Golf mk6 / rip off
« Last post by doberman19 on 28 May 2022, 16:21 »

 Having recently made purchases from a VW dealer, I'm beginning to feel that the prices of late are so high that we must be being ripped off. A few examples from my own experience, A top  timing chain cover gasket £30,
A MAFF sensor £173, an inlet manifold £480, has anyone else had any wide eyed moments while trying to keep their GTI up to date. or is it just me being out of step with prices.  :angry:
Golf mk8 / Re: MY23…..
« Last post by GtiJames on 28 May 2022, 15:56 »
They did similar with the Mk5 Edition 30 they just kept on selling and building the supposed limited run car then we had the farce that was the numbered plaques.
Golf mk8 / Re: MY23…..
« Last post by Foxy367 on 28 May 2022, 14:32 »
I think what the configurator is showing in the picture in terms of the 45 decals on the sides and 45 on the steering wheel is an error. However you can definitely as noted get a pack to add Akra and Scottsdale alloys and separately two tone paint with a black roof so in effect a normal Clubsport can be made the same as a 45 just without the 45 on it, bit odd really. It does take away from the uniqueness of owning a 45.

If you look at the German configurator that seems to be set up correctly.

I suspect something similar will end up happening with the R 20 extras in due course.

On the configurator it even calls it Edition 45 trim

Golf mk7 / Re: Other interesting cars you own
« Last post by Ooosh on 28 May 2022, 12:58 »

Are you thinking 718 or 981 if you go GT4? I passed on my build slot for a 718, thought of switching to Spyder but I object to having to spend the sort of money you need to get the sound fixed on the 718. 718 feels like a cynical marketing exercise - bit like what BMW did with the 1M. It started off as a skunkworks project and then just turned into cynically capitalising on the cache of the first.

I think if I had one to do it all, a 991.2 GT3 Touring would be it for me. Prices are absurd on all of this at the moment though.

Oh man - how could you turn down a build slot? 😭

I have owned a 981 so would want to try the 718.

Agree with you about the GT3 Touring. Gorgeous.
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