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Title: Off-centre steering wheel
Post by: cliveyp on 07 October 2021, 15:01
Afternoon all.  It's been a long time since i've posted on these boards, but now i'm back in a GTI (MK2 specifically) it makes a lot of sense to come back and see how much action is still around.

I've now retired my 16V to the garage for winter with a thought of getting a few of the little jobs out of the way.  First on the list to whip out the interior and carpets, check the floor pans and tidy them up if required, a bit of soundproofing and some wiring to the seat bases, then put it all back together again.  It seems an ideal opportunity to have a look at the seat mountings as i've noticed the steering wheel sits slightly off-centre.

The car has, what I assume to be, MK4 Escort RST leather Recaros mounted on MK2 electric Recaro bases.  It appears there are some mods required to make this work, so i'm thinking that there's a chance the seat could be shuffled over.  We're talking around 1.5" (40ish mm) further to the right I reckon.  Has anyone else noticed there wheel being off centre at all?  Has anyone else run the RST Recaro seats before??