Author Topic: Instrument tacho, MFA and oil pres/temp light stopped functioning  (Read 4105 times)

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Mk2 Golf gti 8v

1.      Instrument cluster oil temp/pressure light no longer illuminate when ignition turned to on

2.     Tacho also stopped working

3.     MFA display garbled (7 segment display no long a digit between 0-9)

I think I removed the positve from battery before removing the ground, it all stopped after that.

Have I fried the instrument cluster partially?

I intend to contribute to the forum as I do more work. Just ordered an aftermarket central locking kit, then ordered AH type key blanks to re cut to original locks and attace to new remote flip key (very cool upgrade i'm looking forward to that), then re build replacement boot lock to match ignition key, going to be busy!

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IIRC this could be down to a bad earth so worth checking.
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