Author Topic: Mk1 GTI Sump and tank guards  (Read 7084 times)

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Mk1 GTI Sump and tank guards
« on: 26 February 2018, 14:41 »
Hi all

I’m new to Golf GTI ownership (or rather getting back in after 25 years!) and planning to go historic rallying with a MK1 when I find one. A couple of things I need help on;

1. I’m assuming an 1800 is the car to go for (anyone know if a good one for sale?)

2. I know what I’m doing with car preparation, but could anyone point me to a good source of parts such as updated brakes, springs and shocks and also if anyone is out there supplying ready made sump and tank guards in alloy or steel ?

3. Anyone out there doing this already with a pre 85 mk1 GTI that I can share experience with ?

Thanks for your help folks, lots of interesting stuff on here already.