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I guess you guys have seen this about the Clubsport being revealed next week at the N24.

Cars and parts for sale / Re: 7.5 GTI PP Wanted
« Last post by Toeman on 22 May 2024, 21:05 »
Pity the wee s3 I had been looking at   Didn’t fit my bill or my own could have interested you
Cars and parts for sale / Re: 7.5 GTI PP Wanted
« Last post by Ste80 on 22 May 2024, 17:58 »
Mines available dark grey, 49k miles with full VW history still under warranty, manual gear box though
Golf mk7 / Re: Best Independent for work on MK7 CSS
« Last post by AGB on 22 May 2024, 14:30 »
This disconnecting of dash cams and then trying to hide behind Gdpr is total and utter bo44ocks. It's only done so you can't see them ragging the car about! Absolutely boils my pi44.

They tried that on me. I asked their head of service (who was involved at this point) to explain it to me precisely and which articles applied in this context. I didn't mention that I deal with it all the time on behalf of clients and have in house counsel whose job is solely devoted to data security and compliance. The answer I was given was such nonsense.

If a dealer (or more likely, the parent group) is FCA registered, they have to appoint a data protection officer. They take it seriously because they understand the risk and the fines. Just take a look at GDPR Enforcement Tracker and filter by UK. The fines are percentage based on turnover in a fiscal year. Cabinet office were fined 500k recently. But if you're unhappy with how they've managed data, a letter to their DPO produces inspired results thanks to the above.
Golf mk7 / Re: Mud Guards...
« Last post by Jace on 22 May 2024, 09:25 »
I have the carbon AP ones from Awesome Gti on mine, they're definitely worth adding if your running wheels with spacers or a different ET as you'll get stones chipping the bottom of the front wing & it starting to rust 😬
Golf mk8 / Re: new ride
« Last post by Tony Jazz on 21 May 2024, 20:21 »
Hope you enjoy your GTI Mossy. Had my Mk8 from new back in Nov 2020. Did have an initial period of tech problems which took altogether two months to sort out in its first year. That apart and with a few Racing Line additions {alloys, air intake system and some cosmetic bits} its been fine. There are some pics posted in Nov 23 within the forum pages somewhere!
Pop to the shops no dramas, reset the driving modes, drive it accordingly and it will  revive that hot hatch spirit buried inside.
The Mk8 has had a tough time, due in no part to incompetence at VW which cost the then CEO his job, but I've enjoyed mine tbh.
Have fun!
Golf mk8 / Re: new ride
« Last post by mossy69 on 21 May 2024, 20:20 »
Hi there it’s a moonstone grey Adelaide wheels sports suspension head up display winter pack that’s it hope it’s ok pick up week on Friday 😆told the dealer I want all infortainment and map updates done and a full tank of fuel lol
Golf mk8 / Re: new ride
« Last post by valentino on 21 May 2024, 18:17 »
I think you will love it. I picked my second mk8 Gti up a couple of weeks ago. Standard spec in white. Previous one was standard spec in Moonstone - 71plate, which had a few software issues which have been resolved. So have done only 400 miles so far, no problems except today, lorry in front kicked up a stone and now got a chipped windscreen!
Golf mk7 / Re: Best Independent for work on MK7 CSS
« Last post by sjw on 21 May 2024, 11:26 »

Thanks all for replies, I've booked in at Quattro Tech in Cambridge. Harry who managed the booking was on the ball and gave a great deal of reassurance by how he managed the booking. I shall report back but for once in my dealings with a VW dealership, I have a sense of hope and optimism.  :grin:

As an act of consideration for those who value service and competence, I'd avoid Vindis Cambridge (official VW) like the plague. I wouldn't trust them to not screw up service on a menu with a single item on it. My wife took her car in for a minor service and it started well with them sending her to the sales, not service centre which left her stranded. She didn't take a loan car as she planned against the transport links next to the sales centre which were great. They also managed to disconnect the dashcam in the car at the fuse board, failed to inform us of their policy, didn't reinstate the cam and then maintained they'd disconnected it on the camera via USB. If my wife had relied on footage from that camera for any reason, the headache...

Sending a car into a VW dealership now is an exercise in legislating for every dimension of incompetence. The last time I took my car into a dealership for an MOT and tyre change, they failed the car on the MOT. Yep, apparently I needed two new tyres. Take a bow Glen at VW Bury St Edmunds.

Vindis Huntingdon didn't log one of the services on the logbook back in 2019 or 2020 so now I don't have full service history, so thanks for that, guys.

OTOH, when I needed an MOT desperately because I'd stupidly left it too late, I phoned QT, who initially said they couldn't fit it in, but then Kelvin asked who I was, and I guess saw that I'd been there before so squeezed it in. This was right before Christmas.

Also, I had (have) a miniscule waterpump leak. They could've said that it needed doing at £700, I wouldn't have known, but they just said keep an eye on it. Good guys.
Golf mk8 / Re: gti
« Last post by SRGTD on 21 May 2024, 10:05 »
hi there its got a 2 year vw warranty with unlimited milage cover should I still be wary thanks

VW’s Approved Used warranty isn’t as comprehensive as the new car factory warranty so won’t cover all faults that occurs within the two year warranty period. The Approved Used warranty is essentially an insurance product covering sudden and unforeseen electrical and mechanical failures, so there’ll be the ‘usual’ exclusions and conditions in the small print that you find in these types of product.

With the mk8 Golf (especially the earlier cars) having a reputation for being affected by software gremlins, I’d especially want to know what the position was regarding future software fixes once a car’s original 3 year factory warranty had expired - i.e. if these fixes would be free of charge or if the customer would be charged.
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