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I tried to buy those in Leeds but one wheel needs a decent repair/ weld.  I made an offer outside eBay for £625 and no joy.

Just managed to get a set for £625 with tyres that are currently going from grey to black and will be on next week hopefully.
4 x 17" VW Dijon Alloy wheels with Michelin CrossClimate+ 225/45R17 94 W Extra load tyres.
Includes the VW centre caps as well.
The wheel details are (17" x 7J, ET49, 5x112 PCD)

Now the Golf GTI has gone, we no longer have any use for these.

These wheels are one of the few OEM 17" wheels that clear the Golf Mk7/7.5 GTI Performance pack front brakes.

And what they look like fitted:

Wheel 1 - This wheel is actually a brand new wheel, it was replaced in March this year, and it was then removed for the summer wheels two weeks later. I have lightly sanded the mating face of this wheel where it meets the hub.

Wheel 2:


Wheel 4:

Wheels 2, 3 and 4 are all well used wheels, so they are not perfect, small scrapes and scuffs on all of them, that I have photographed above. None of the wheels are cracked and the tyres/wheels all hold air fine.
If you click on the photos, they should open in a new tab and full size.

Tread depths for the tyres are:

Note, these Crossclimate tyres came with 7.2mm when they were brand new.

Wheel 1:
outside 5.1mm, centre 4.8mm, inside 5.2mm
Wheel 2:
outside 5.6mm, centre 5.4mm, inside 5.4mm
Wheel 3
outside 4.9mm, centre 5.2mm, inside 5.0mm
Wheel 4
outside 5.5mm, centre 5.4mm, inside 5.4mm

I'm looking for £450 for the set, and I'm just outside Lincoln, LN3 post code.


Exactly how I did mine.  :smiley:

Hopefully we are both not wrong then😄
Exactly how I did mine.  :smiley:
Thank you SRGTD!  :smiley:

Got around to doing mine today, could not get a tie around the middle section so just did a tie at each end.

Cars and parts for sale / Re: Wanted - Pretoria 18” alloy / alloys
« Last post by davo245 on 02 December 2023, 11:00 »
What area are you in Walts. I’ve a set of winter tyres wheels fitted but once on my R.  Five wheels , 4 x Conti TS850P, bolts, lockers but need collection from me at home.   Newcastle area.
PM me if you’re interested.

Put them in the for sale section great time to sell them
Golf mk7 / Re: Full Respray Cost
« Last post by JP2021 on 01 December 2023, 18:11 »
Would the correct word be 'patina' when it comes to the look of the paintwork on a car that's ageing? I guess if the overall condition of the paintwork is uniform it can look good ie. in keeping with the overall look of the car. The problem arises if certain panels look worse that others, a classic example being a battered bonnet due to stone chips on the M25 :cry: Don't get me wrong, this is very much a niche conversation as a car is bound to get marked, scratched, fades etc if being used and not a show piece left in a garage. However, I'm sure there are a lot of people out there who like their car looking as lovely as possible and when seeing a faded/scratch/stone chipped panel wonder what they can do about it :cry:
Golf mk7 / Re: Disc and pad costs
« Last post by Guzzle on 01 December 2023, 17:47 »
To answer my own question at the top of page 2, paid £640 last week for both front and rear discs and pads at the local franchised VW dealer (Inchcape).

Tried booking via the website first and they wanted approx £1k. So rang them up and asked for a quote over the phone and was told £640.

I'm not saying there won't be cheaper garages out there, but this was the best I could do for genuine VW parts.
Golf mk7 / Re: Full Respray Cost
« Last post by willni on 01 December 2023, 17:35 »
It's a tricky call if you like the car and the only thing that significantly lets it down is the paintwork. Say you have a 10 year old Mk7 GTi, mechanically excellent but the paintwork is aweful, 5k+ for a full respray isn't financial good sense. I suppose it depends on if you look at your car as a daily drive/utility vehicle or a desirable drive that you just enjoy and want to keep, I guess it's emotional.

A wrap is an interesting way to go but I'd always be concerned about it's longevity, is that unfair?

Respraying the worse panels and keeping the rest original - would that work?

Wraps have a 2-3 year life span.

We really need pictures if you're looking for further advice to be honest.

If it's just faded paint you can fix it with a cut & polish, if it's a couple of deep scratches there's the possibility of wet sanding them out. But ultimately we need photos to help you more.

Talking about resprays the old saying couldn't be more apt here -

You only get what you pay for.

A top quality job using quality materials would, I think, easily be at the top end of Wills estimate.

I was quoted recently £1,600 for a single rear quarter and blend, for reference.
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