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Golf mk7 / Re: 3G Passat Pretoria Alloys an alternative?
« Last post by madstaff on 10 May 2021, 18:05 »
Looks really well on those Pretorias willni.  :smiley:
Golf mk7 / Re: 3G Passat Pretoria Alloys an alternative?
« Last post by Exonian on 10 May 2021, 17:57 »
They look really good willni, much better offset than the Golf versions.  :cool:
Golf mk7 / Re: Carista - available options
« Last post by mistac on 10 May 2021, 17:54 »
I have the beta but it took me hours to list all the options on the paid version! So far as I can tell it’s just variations of existing settings. The one I really want is to toggle Stop/Start so that it’s off by default but apparently VW doesn’t support this. You can only hack it to stop it ever kicking in, which I also don’t want as I do use it very occasionally.

Mutley75  - As I find stop/start a bloody nuisance (far too sensitive for my liking) I would be happy to switch it off via carista - I think I saw the options but have a feeling it did not work when i tried it a while back  - did you ever try it/get it to switch off and can you recall what method worked as I know there are sometimes various methods to try?
Golf mk8 / Re: ACC
« Last post by Don76 on 10 May 2021, 17:36 »
Quick update on this.
Car was booked into the dealers today and they resolved the issue.

Seems a software update was required.

Here’s the system info:

Golf mk7 / Re: What have you done to your MK 7 today ?
« Last post by willni on 10 May 2021, 17:06 »
I like those centre caps, think they would look good on my satin black Reifnitz.

My Pretorias arrived from Volkswagen today, along with 3 out of 4 clubsport centre caps (there was a back order) it'll be here in a few days  :smiley:

They're the Clubsport ones (Part No. 5G0-601-171-BLYC), I got them thrown in with my alloys which made the price a lot nicer. Seeing how centre caps are always not a nice price.

In other news I got my Pretorias put on and really like them  :smiley:

Golf mk8 / Re: Clubsport Testdrive
« Last post by Exonian on 10 May 2021, 16:59 »

Perhaps it is just me, but I found your musings highly valuable.  Firstly, from your previous posts I've gleaned that  we're very much on the same page in terms of likes/dislikes. Secondly, you have a lot of experience with the 7/7.5 GTIs to draw upon in your comparative assessment of the mk8.  Thirdly, I respect your opinions - you are not afraid to call out faults, nor go OTT for the latest shiny, new-fangled gimmicks.

I dread to think how much that experience of ownership has cost me in pounds, shillings and pence.  :grin:
Still, it’s been my own money and therefore I’ll not hold back on my own thoughts be they good or bad.


Touching on the engine power thing. Maybe the cars run on slightly reduced power until they’re run in? My BMW definitely did.

I can confirm as a previous owner of remapped GTI’s the Clubsport can accelerate very rapidly as well as corner inspiringly.
The one thing it does do, unlike I’d imagine a Golf R, is move around a little under hard acceleration and cornering. Just enough to remind you that you’re not immortal but still giving you total faith in the chassis.
Maybe with ESP turned off for the driving gods amongst us it’ll get even more squirmy (an apt phrase borrowed from a review I watched) under power through bends.
One thing the 4WD über hatches do is remove the driver from the laws of physics which means by the time the tyres actually do let go you’re probably/possibly beyond recovering it unless very skilled/experienced.

Golf mk8 / Re: Clubsport Testdrive
« Last post by Si_Telford on 10 May 2021, 16:57 »
I've now been in a R and clubby. Honestly wish I held out for a clubby instead of just buying the standard but it does me fine. I find all traction controls on the clubby holds the power back for some reason

That’s an interesting point. I’m sure I’ve heard a reviewer comment on that too. Can’t remember who though!

I have even noticed with my standard GTI that when In ESC sport it gives more than with traction control on, it feel more alive

Me I think :huh:

Then well played  sir!

I’ll definitely go back for another test drive as I can’t really judge it in the time given. At the end of the day I love a gti so it’s probably what I’ll end up in. As I said earlier, I think the emergence of the Ed45 just pushed my test drive forward, otherwise I would have waited another year. Although I also factored in the long lead times too which don’t bother me this time as I’m in no hurry.

I forgot to mention the seats. Wow! The fabric is absolutely lovely (well the honeycomb bit anyway) and they’re exceptionally comfy. Steering wheel also felt great and I really liked the haptic buttons. My comment on the infotainment was really reserved for the sliders which didn’t work at all. It’ll just take time to acclimatise yourself to the rest.
Golf mk8 / Re: It's electric! ID3 Pickup.
« Last post by Exonian on 10 May 2021, 16:45 »
Thankfully I don't have the white dash and steering wheel.  Everything is anthracite, even the headlining.

The door cards are softer and less shiny than those on the Polo, not as soft as the upper parts of the MK7 door cards, but softer than the lower parts of the Golf's door cards. The dash top is in 3 parts, with the one nearest the windscreen being hardest, with soft rubberised front top of the dash. The only bits I'm not keen on is the large piano black section of the door grab handle on all doors. Someone successfully wrapped those  so they weren't the huge fingerprint magnets. It all ties in quite nicely, it's as easy to say "minimalist" as it is to say "cheap". Everything in there has a place, with nothing superfluous. You don't really get it from the pictures on the website,but in the flesh it seems justifiable when you see how much interior room the ID3 has. The kids have an extra 4 inches of legroom behind my desired seating position than they had on the Polo, which was only marginally less than the Golf.

It feels solidly built - not a squeak or rattle - perhaps there's more precautions taken to.minimise noises as you'll hear them all with the motor being so quiet.
The Irish VW website shows they have access to front sports seats as an option on the higher trims, for €1350. They look very retro, like they belong.on a 90s Porsche.

Performance wise, 0-62 feels like it's more in the realms of 6.5s than the official 7.3s. Torque is just instantly delivered - no turbo lag, no wheelspin/tramping or DSG gear engagement lag, so in gear acceleration feels even quicker than the Polo with no kickdown to take place. There's some YouTube reviewer that reckons the ID3 under review was quicker than the RS7 from 0-30mph.

Did 13 miles around the doors today and economy was much better, even though I was putting my foot down. Air resistance at motorway speeds seems to take a huge bite of fuel economy.  263 mile official range - I'd say you'll probably manage it above 15C if it's done in mixed driving.

Thanks for that, really interesting to read.
I was wondering how a light interior would hold up with kids and dog but that’s obviously not a worry.
Really good to read that it has a dark headliner too. I’ve always had a dislike of light coloured headliners.

The car looks nice in the photos, I see a few white ones around locally and there’s a white ID.4 around the corner from me (that never ever seems to move!), the white/black theme suits the shapes of them well.

Agreed also on how nearly all modern cars lack soul.
Aside from the exhaust burble at startup and under heavy acceleration there’s not a huge amount of noise coming out of modern OPF equipped cars that can be heard in the cabin.
I’d settle for artificial 1960’s movie spaceship noises piped in rather than the fake Subaru with a misfire noises the Soundaktor treats us to.
There’s absolutely no reason a BEV can’t handle at least as well as ICE vehicles and acceleration should be better at normal road speeds. Bearing in mind your average motorist aspires to an SUV these days and the middle class chariot of choice is a huge Audi or Porsche 4WD SUV to make sure the world knows how wealthy the leasers are I can’t think of anything less suitable for these vehicles than a high revving petrol (often dragging round hybrid weight too). Instant electric torque and a battery under the floor keeping the centre of gravity low would surely be perfect?

And yes, not too many youngsters have any interest in cars these days aside from either being vessels to ferry their mates around in whilst plugged into CarPlay, or as status symbols for the lucky ones with huge Audi SUV owning parents.

I’m not one for rose tinted specs but I think the pre-OPF mk7 Golf era hot hatches were the pinnacle of affordable, comfy, classy, fast, good handling hatches. Or maybe the mk5 Golf actually as it was more solid and drove pretty much as well. But the world has moved on and the ID.3 would give a mk5/6/7 GTI a very good run for its money I’d bet.
Golf mk7 / Re: 3G Passat Pretoria Alloys an alternative?
« Last post by willni on 10 May 2021, 16:41 »
Some photos of them on, I'm running 225/35R19 Michelin PS4S', personally I wouldn't go with the 235/35R19 as they would be too wide.

If anyone has any questions let me know.

Golf mk7 / Re: What have you done to your MK 7 today ?
« Last post by dobb3r on 10 May 2021, 16:38 »
I like those centre caps, think they would look good on my satin black Reifnitz.

My Pretorias arrived from Volkswagen today, along with 3 out of 4 clubsport centre caps (there was a back order) it'll be here in a few days  :smiley:

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