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Golf mk7 / Re: Diamond Cut Refurb or Powder Coating?
« Last post by willni on Today at 11:14 »
If you think OEM Alloys white work badly, the aftermarket copies are destroyed after 3 months in winter. If you're considering buying a set of 18's to use as beaters why not get a set of Pretoria styles for the same price?
Golf mk7 / Re: What have you done to your MK 7 today ?
« Last post by willni on Today at 11:10 »
Those look fantastic!

What size did you get and did you need spacers?

Those were BBS CI-R 19inch Et45 8.5J width, tyres were Michelin PS4S 225/35R19. No spacers as with the lower ET it was like running 5-6mm spacers.

I actually just sold them with new Pirelli's to a friend, he has them on his Race Blue VRS estate and they look fantastic on it as well. I was going to refurb them Porsche Satin Platinum for my GTI but decided against it as I'd lose all the little BBS painted markings.
Golf mk8 / Re: What wheels
« Last post by Kraikkonen07 on Today at 11:05 »
Regarding increasing alloy size, do you have to get the speedo recalibrated or is the difference negligible?
Golf mk5 / Re: Locking Wheel Bolts
« Last post by jv on Today at 10:38 »
There are unfortunately (but at the same time understandable) tools available to remove locking wheel bolts. Probably best to check out those options rather than guessing with other keys.
General discussion / Re: What wheels?
« Last post by jv on Today at 10:36 »
Being as they’re on a German car then I’d suggest it might well be these V1 wheels

Other similar designs are Dotz Misano or Sparco Podio

Definitely look to be those V1's - wheel nerd membership renewed  :nerd:

I failed, was searching for Oettinger felgen  :embarrassed:
Golf mk7 / Re: Battery check.
« Last post by Catnapper on Today at 10:08 »
Stop/start seems to have stopped on mine but TBH it's been a while since it's had a good run out. Note to self, get out more!!!!
T'other half's Fiat 500 stop/start is also tempremental, pottering around doesn't charge battery enough for it to initiate. No problems after it's had a good run out.
Golf mk7 / Re: Battery check.
« Last post by clubsport on Today at 09:31 »
14v is a high reading for a battery that has been idle for 24 hours, A 12v battery should show 12.5-12.8v under normal circumstances.
A 14v reading is what you would expect to see with the engine running and a healthy alternator is charging the battery.
I would try another battery to see if it makes a difference.
Or try your Obdeleven in another car to see what reading you get for a different idle battery.
General discussion / Re: What wheels?
« Last post by DanielPT on Today at 09:03 »
They do look good indeed, but 13Kg.. damn!!! Anyway, many thanks for the help guys.
Golf mk8 / Re: Clubsport 45s ordered and delivery progress
« Last post by ash_rage on Today at 07:50 » have made a cool video ending with the e45
Golf mk7 / Re: Battery check.
« Last post by Lordie on Today at 06:56 »
Well now I’m even more confused :grin:. My stop/start rarely works but my battery voltage says 14V on my OBDeleven after cars been sat for 24h
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