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New forum members / Greetings from the Midlands
« Last post by Bluto on Today at 20:52 »
Hi All:

Decided that after stealthing these forums for a good few years now I should finally get round to registering an account.  Always had Volkswagen, my car history involves a few Polos and Golfs  :whistle::

  • Mk2 Polo CL Formel E 1.1L (Red)
  • Mk2 Golf Driver 1.8 (Black)
  • Mk4 Golf GTI 1.8T (Green)
  • Mk3 Polo 1.4L (White)
  • Mk3 Polo 1.4L (Red))

Currently in a white 2009 Mk6 manual GTI that I bought back in 2013 with 25k miles on the clock.

Options: DCC, Dynaudio, Winter Pack, Luxury Pack, reversing camera with front & rear sensors, Cruise Control

Been my daily driver ever since and she's just ticked over 170k miles.  Been a few ups and downs such is the joy of Volkswagen ownership  :grin:.  A couple of decokes of the engine, tensioner popped at 108k miles meaning new cylinder head (though VW eventually picked up the repair tab - I'd been asking about it every service since 40k). Last year the turbo went.  But despite the rinsing of my wallet of late, she always puts a smile on my face.

Mod wise, mine are more cosmetic/infotainment than performance. Upgraded to OEM Dark Cherry rear LED lights with a BCM upgrade.  Replaced the GPS-only sharkfin with a DAB/GPS/FM one and upgraded the RNS 510 sat nav to a Pioneer AVIC-Z930DAB headunit.  2-channel Blackvue dashcam hardwired in.

Her summer flip flops are Goodyear F1 Assymetric 5 on 18" Monza Shadows.  Though after two diamond cut refurbs during my ownship to date, I decided I'd had enough of the wheel paranoia and got the Monza Shadows painted.  Whilst in the process saying I'm never getting diamond cut alloys again!  :grin:  BBS SR 17" rims with Continental TS 860 tyres are her winter shoes.

Currently deliberating between a Mk8 GTI Clubsport, Edition 45 or a R.  Went for a test drive in Clubsport a few weeks ago and enjoyed the brief 20 minutes I got, most of it my clutch foot and left hand kept reaching for kit that wasn't there! :whistle:  Have a test drive in a Golf R booked for next week.  Dealer asked me if I only buy GTIs on the even Mk numbers?   :smiley:

Reading the forum's Mk8 board is where I've spent most of the last few weeks, though happy to input my experience of Mk6 ownership too.



Golf mk8 / Re: It's electric! ID3 Pickup.
« Last post by fredgroves on Today at 19:59 »
Pleased to hear you aren't stranded at a welcome break somewhere lol

A lot of id3's digested a bad ota update recently and needed to be unbricked.

The id3 has full ota updates unlike the mk8 where the second update channel is disabled at the moment.
Cars and parts for sale / Re: Looking for a Clubsport S
« Last post by Craig on Today at 19:49 »
These cars are hitting £40k now. Mental!!!
Golf mk8 / Re: Gti Reviews
« Last post by Sniffer on Today at 19:49 »
Does the sync not hold from when you were previously in the car?

Mine does, although it didn't in my last Mk8 GTI.
Golf mk7 / Re: Stop start stopped
« Last post by Lordie on Today at 19:42 »
Had you opened a door, even if you didn't get out?

Nope. That wouldn't shut the engine off though?
Golf mk8 / Re: Gti Reviews
« Last post by Rudedog on Today at 19:05 »
After all of the reviews he's done of the different mark GTi's he now seems to have an issue with metal pedals that are standard.

Even some of the comments on the video are slagging off VW and claiming they are a safety issue and should be changed!

Never had an issue with mine.
Golf mk7 / Re: Sat Nav map in middle of digital display dashboard
« Last post by huddo on Today at 18:53 »
It's just basically holding the power button in for about 1 minute but if you've had it disconnected then it might not make any difference. It's always worth a try.

Sadly no difference 🤦🏼‍♂️ Dealership it is then.
Golf mk7 / Re: Stop start stopped
« Last post by Watts on Today at 18:36 »
Had you opened a door, even if you didn't get out?
Golf mk7 / Re: Stop start stopped
« Last post by Lordie on Today at 18:32 »
Just a little update. My stop/start hasn't been working for a while but today it started kicking in, so maybe the battery level has improved now?

But I've noticed something else strange happening and it did it twice in a row. I reversed my car into my drive, put the handbrake on, and put it into neutral.... at which point the engine turned off and when it put it back into first it said on the screen 'Start engine manually'

What I thinks happening is that the stop/start enables once the cars put into neutral but won't start up due to the battery level? maybe?. Anyone else had this happen?

My OBDeleven arrived the other day so will check the battery charge. I should be able to figure out how to find it on the app myself but it anyone can point me in the exact direction then that would be great!
Golf mk2 gallery / Re: Mew - A reg mk2 project
« Last post by Mk2Mo1984 on Today at 18:23 »
Hello Mew,

Whatever happened to ANEL ? Is there any update after all these years ?
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