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Golf mk8 / Rubber mats for the mk8
« Last post by Wrex22 on Today at 01:06 »
Do the vw mats from the 7/7-5 fit the 8?
Golf mk8 / Re: What have you done to your mk8 today?
« Last post by JoeGTI on Today at 00:05 »
That’s stunning.

I’m about to order one and now you’ve added another colour to the mix. Jeeeez…
Golf mk8 / Re: What have you done to your mk8 today?
« Last post by joet on 14 May 2021, 23:31 »
Had a ceramic coating applied and fitted some sill protectors.

Golf mk7 / Re: New tyres suggestions?
« Last post by mcmaddy on 14 May 2021, 23:25 »
I'd be changing all four if it was me. Why compromise when the tyre is the only thing between you and the road and possibly a ditch or hedge.
Golf mk8 / Re: GTi Clubsport - 18" wheels > 19" wheels
« Last post by Acegadget on 14 May 2021, 23:24 »
Well looks like I will be going with Bola FLE with Michelin 4S. Will order next month after I have picked the car up
Golf mk8 / Re: It’s all about the bass...
« Last post by theminty1 on 14 May 2021, 22:35 »
The amp isn't even big. Modern amps are so much more compact. If you are happy then that's what counts.
Golf mk8 / Re: It’s all about the bass...
« Last post by Don76 on 14 May 2021, 22:21 »
I’m that guy with the Audison set up 👋

Here’s a couple of pics.
I’m yet to find a problem with the Amp position, but Perhaps it would be aesthetically pleasing to have it hidden, but practically it doesn’t pose an issue for me.

Golf mk7 / Re: New tyres suggestions?
« Last post by Lordie on 14 May 2021, 22:08 »
Well the tyres on the front are CatchPower crap which are a year and 5 months old and only done 2,000 miles. They loose grip too easily under acceleration so don't give me much confidence. The rear haven't been an issue but I doubt they're as good as the F1's I suppose. I can't remember what tyres are on the rear but have a feeling they say 'Rosso' on. Will check tomorrow. Now you're making me contemplate changing all 4 but that's a lot to spend when I'm thinking about spending money elsewhere  :grin:
Golf mk7 / Re: New tyres suggestions?
« Last post by clubsport on 14 May 2021, 21:53 »
Any deals on Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetric 5 tyres ??  :smiley:

Also is anyone able to tell me if I'm ok just getting 2 for the front wheels and not 4? As the tyres on the back are fine.
New to the tyre game as previous cars were less powerful so I got away with any tyres, and garage I bought car from put cheap 'CatchPower' tyres on my GTi which spin too easily

It's your car and you can do whatever you want with the tyres! :)

However, conventional wisdom for powerful fwd cars is to fit the better tyres on the rear, this aids stability under high speed braking and reduces lift off over steer...
Also, the old tyres on the front are more likely to wear out on fwd, you can then replace with new to match the rears which will show much less wear on them.
Golf mk7 / Re: What have you done to your MK 7 today ?
« Last post by willni on 14 May 2021, 21:51 »
willni,i have the same mats in mine-well,sort of.
They look great,but are susceptible to heel imprints after very little use,making them look like you’ve had them for years.
So much so,I purchased some genuine rubber mats and swapped the drivers mat for the rubber one,as it was doing my head in,the rubber mat being more robust for daily driving.
Mats are often reinforced or double layered on the heel area-you see this on cheaper ones,you’d think for the price these gti mats are,vw could have done better.
Or it could just be my size 11 feet that’s the issue!

I'd be very similar size wise and my shoes whether trainers or dress can eat through them in under a month.
I'll probably only use the rear two mats seeing as my Weathertech mats contain dirt so well and are so easy cleaned as well as looking fairly inconspicuous for being aftermarket.

Maybe if the Queen asks for a lift she'll get the 'special mats', maybe...
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