Author Topic: 55 plate Mk5 GT 140 "Emissions Garage" Error  (Read 6833 times)

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55 plate Mk5 GT 140 "Emissions Garage" Error
« on: 13 May 2014, 22:01 »

(My first post here so hello :D )

Right so, Iv had my Mk5 Golf GT TDI Sport (140BHP & done about 130k miles) for about a year now and today the "Emissions Garage" error appeared on the LCD screen, As far as im aware non for the early 140's had a DPF fitted (please correct me if this is wrong .... I hope i'm not as those are dam expensive). Is there anything known to cause this error that is a quick fix / diagnostic ?

Im getting the error codes read for me at the end of the week anyway but it would be nice to know what is the most probable cause, looking online it could be anything from a sticky EGR valve to faulty starter coils.

On a small side note I had a new turbo fitted about 3 weeks ago due to an overboost code (the turbo core was weeping oil and had a fair bit of play) could this contribute to this type of error ?

Thanks in advance for any information.

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Re: 55 plate Mk5 GT 140 "Emissions Garage" Error
« Reply #1 on: 23 May 2014, 20:06 »
I've got the same car and two months ago had the same message pop up, it was the inlet manifold flap motor, a couple of teeth had broken off the gear that operates the flap.

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Re: 55 plate Mk5 GT 140 "Emissions Garage" Error
« Reply #2 on: 19 August 2014, 17:56 »
I had the same about 4 yrs ago, it was the inlet manifold flap motor as stated...mine was done under warranty so not sure on costs
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